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The most important factors for professional power amplifiers are stability and longevity at high current delivery. 

Many power amplifiers on the market state huge performance figures, but these ratings are more than often only achievable in extremely short bursts under perfect test conditions. Get them out in the real world in they fall short as they experience vast power loss through underspecified components and excess of heat build up, coupled to poor chassis design and ventilation.

The CA high power range from Moose Sound are built for professional usage and offer huge yet dependable output for the busy venue or mobile rig. 

Built for demanding environments, they feature high current toroidal transformers and traditional 'analogue' power supplies which provide low noise and extreme durability under load. The performance figures are given in RMS at 0.1% THD and these are continuous power ratings not peak bursts.

The amplifiers feature short circuit and thermal overload protection, ground lifts, input sensitivity control, fan cooling and will work in balanced or unbalanced Bridge, Parallel and Stereo operation modes.