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Events Gantries

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Events Race Gantries

Events Gantry systems and Race Arches provide both a functional role, and a huge branding potential from the large surface area available for signage display when using a Truss based framework.
Truss provides the structural rigidity that allows both easy setup and takedown along with optimum strength and durability which is perfect for consistent and reliable use. Start and Finish line Arches for races and marathons, fun-runs and sporting events, Motorsport timing gates and podium displays, the systems lend themselves to many different situations making them ideal for rental purposes or for organisers.

  Small Race Arch  Finish Line Truss  Race Finish Line

Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your particular event, a race gantry creates a large focal point and add a sense of occasion.
The large surface area available can be utilised by the fixing of traditional printed canvas banners, or from the trussing being used as a base frame for box panelling with sheet materials, to give the appearance of a solid structure which can then be decorated to suit.

Race Gantry Systems

Offered to you from our SC Pro brand of bespoke UK manufactured Truss systems, we have a lovely selection of small, medium and large race arch and gantries to suit all manner of events needs.

    Small Triangle Truss Arch Large Truss Gantry Small Truss Gantry

As opposed to the popular inflatable types of race arch, which can’t support any additions, a truss based gantry gives you the ability to hang attachments safely, be it lighting units, speakers for public address, timing clocks for running and motorsport events, or visual display screens. It also gives you a convenient way of carrying and distributing cabling across a road or other floor obstacles.  

SC Gantry Package 1   SC Gantry Package 2     SC Gantry Package 3

Due to the modular nature of a truss based system, you also have the ability to add in or subtract horizontal sections to alter the overall width, and the same goes for height adjustments, allowing you to have a core system that can be adapted to suit the particular requirements of each event, without the need to have completely separate systems to suit each job.


SC Pro Custom Truss

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Custom Truss Finishing

As with all our Truss based equipment, alongside the traditional and standard supplied weather treated aluminium, a choice of finishing options are available to you at the manufacturing stage, from classic anodised finish, to clear and coloured powder coat for extra durability and visual impact. 
Powder Coating offers an ultra tough coating to your system along with making it stand out from the crowd. From sleek gloss black, ultra modern white, or something with a little more flare, it will keep your investment looking great and will offer an extra layer of protection from the elements and from knocks.

   Powder Coating    RAL Colour Chart       Custom Truss Finishes

Standard RAL colours available, or custom finishes for a more personal touch.

If you are interested in having a custom finish to your system please get in touch here


Printed Banners

Banners, signs and truss sleeving are available with custom surface printing and in a variety of weatherproof materials that are designed for long life vibrancy of colours and image. Rigid cored plastic board materials are available too. We can also supply the peripheral signage items such as flags and flooring.

   Truss Sleeving          

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