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Banners , Flags and Hoardings 


Flags, advertising boards, banners for trussing, ceiling hangers, pop up signs, printed backdrops. Custom printed fabrics and vinyl are a fantastic way to give visual punch to your shopfront or floor, exhibition booth, showroom floor, and various types of flags for both outdoor and indoor use.

A selection of the most commonly used materials:

Vinyl - The general low cost option, used for temporary banners, promotions and events. It is perfectly fine for general light usage.

PVC - A much tougher material than standard vinyl, used for banners and hoardings, with anti fade and weather resistance. Also is the main material used in Gazebo and Marquee manufacture. It is hard wearing and long lasting, and comes in a variety of base colours.

Mesh PVC - Perforated allowing the wind to flow through, for use on construction sites and buildings where strong winds would damage a normal solid fabric or topple the base over.

Waratah fabric -  for show booths, shop windows and exhibition backdrops. This is the standard option for a durable, printable soft fabric. It is strong, keeps its shape well making it ideal for use where the display will be put up and taken down regularly.

Supertwill fabric - for branded chair covers, table runners and tablecloth. This strong fabric is waterproof, and is ideal for heavier contact areas.

Printing to fabrics is done using various methods including traditional screen based systems, or the more modern digital printing using solvent based inks, or the new organic inks and UV cured processing.


Trussing Sleeves

White stretchable socks or sleeving designed for a tight fit over Truss based structures and furniture.  Spandex or Lycra based materials allow easy positioning, and for internal lighting effects to show through. The materials are fire proof even after washing and can be ordered with custom printing. The simple placement of an uplighter at the base will give a dramatic effect. Sleeving is an extremely cost effective way of transforming the industrial look of trussing so it can blend nicely into a venue.


Printed Vinyl and Carpet Flooring

Carpet and cushioned vinyl flooring can be digitally printed with the use of vegetable based inks and UV curing which are fast drying and don't affect the fire ratings of the material. They are fantastic for use in productions, television and film, shop display and trade show or exhibition display stands. You can literally have anything you like printed onto the flooring either from a source photograph or a high resolution graphics image such as a company logo or colour scheme.

Due to the printing process involved, display carpets in either roll or tile format are typically recommended only for short term usage, usually 3-4 months.  Vinyl or Linoleum flooring is generally harder wearing as its top surface gives a better protection to the graphic which the open pile of carpet cannot. The average specification printed flooring in either carpet or vinyl is designed for low to medium foot traffic, and is not impervious to damage from tearing or scuffs. It must be cleaned carefully using diluted solutions. They are perfect for shows and exhibitions.

 For heavy duty commercial usage, materials such as Polyvinyl can be specified, which is designed to be a more permanent solution due to its print being sealed into a solid material which makes it impossible to damage. This commercial flooring can be supplied with textured top surfaces and can be cleaned with standard vinyl floor products. These higher grade floors are meant for shops and shopping centres, residential and commercial interior design