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Laser Effect Systems

The BeamZ professional laser effects range has both TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) digital modulation, and Analog modulation systems available at different power outputs, all providing RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour palettes, ILDA control, DMX control and full axis adjustments from the rear panels.

The larger BeamZ laser light systems utilise the newer long life Pure Diode technology which have allowed significant rises in both performance levels and longevity, and also a reduction in the units overall physical size, making them smaller and lighter so perfect for the mobile rig of a professional DJ or live performer. 

We have performance output levels starting at 600mW RGB TTL for the base Pandora system, or an entry into Pure Diode RGB technology with the 1 Watt / 1000mW Phantom 1000 unit, going all the way up to the top specification Phantom 6000 Analog laser system which offers up a staggering 6 Watt / 6000mW full colour output with high precision 30kpps graphics scanners and a 60 degree scan angle. 
The Beamz professional range of lasers for entertainment, club and DJ users bring a level of features and performance specifications that have not previously been available at these price points, and we are pleased to offer the entire rangle to our customers.