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Lifting Towers

Lifting Towers are essential equipment for the easy and safe positioning and hanging of Trussing, Display Screens and Line Array speaker systems. 

They also cover many different uses such as mobile telescopic masts for CCTV, Photography and Videography, giving an ultra steady, variable height platform for still shots or surveillance filming, with their portable design being perfect for outdoor shows and events.
Lifting Towers also lend themselves perfectly to the communication market as use for portable and emergency network towers, aerial masts and outdoor wifi signal boosters, or for floodlighting. 

Lifting towers come in a variety of styles and specifications to suit any requirement of lifting job, allowing you to speed up your install, and perform the heavy lifting and height based installation that is common place in today's modern audio / visual rigs.

All units are built to the highest specification of materials quality and features, and all meet the stringent safety regulations set by Dekra that's required for equipment of this type.

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