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Our range of professional level Wash lights and Uplighters are available in both static and moving head options, depending on your requirements. They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and options, from the most basic white spotlight wash, colour wash or bar unit, to larger automated units units with full DMX linking control for pre-programmed lighting fades and colour changes.

                                    Lighting Units available from just £200

Wash lights and Uplighters can be supplied in both standard indoor use specification, or as weather sealed I.P. rated type for outdoor use.
Units are either standard mains power, or we have a range of battery pack powered systems for ultimate flexibility and placement freedom.


Wash and Uplighting units have changed significantly in the last few years with the availability of high power LED’s replacing many of the traditional lamps. The benefits are huge, as LED’s offer multi-colour output, ultra long life, and virtually no heat output. The lack of heat production also means that enclosures can now be made using thermoplastics rather than metal, offering a huge cost saving, weight reduction, and far easier weather sealing.

LED units are bright, powerful, and incredibly energy efficient, using very little power to produce their effects. Traditional bulb style Par-can spots are their complete opposite, running very hot, blowing bulbs and burning £’s of power in the process due to their high wattage current draw.

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Why choose Wash Lighting ?

  • You want to highlight a particular feature in a room, hall or marquee
  • You want to flood a large area of space with colour
  • You want to create a special effect at an event, or in photography and film
  • You want to light the exterior of a building to show its features
  • You want to have the flexibility and reliability of modern LED technology
  • You want to create an atmosphere by use of mood lighting

Used to wash an entire wall, ceiling or floor with a soft flood or focussed beam of colour, they are a mainstay for events lighting. They can transform a venue from looking dull and dated to vibrant and new, and are by far the most cost effective way to decorate the walls, halls and ceilings of any event. The traditional types were restricted to one colour at a time, with colour changing done using filters or gels over the lens. The newest range of  LED units are a world away from this, and are able to produce a large range of popular colour combinations  without the need for any separate filters or bulb changes. They are the latest technology in wash lighting and can be used for a variety of applications such as venue dressing, marquees and halls, hotels, churches, special effects in photography and film, architectural installation, television and music performance.

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                                 Wash lighting available from just £200



Weddings and civil ceremonies, parties and receptions. We can supply a comprehensive lighting system for Marquee usage, from classic white and coloured mood lighting, to programmable and sound reactive units for dancefloors and reception parties

Function rooms
Press releases, awards ceremonies, dinners. floor and wall lighting will turn any boring room into a feature, helping to give you the desired ambience for your particular event and create a look through choice of colours and intensity levels.

Hotels and Restaurants
Lobby and foyer lighting, entrance and front of building, dining room, function rooms. Create a mood with the use of singular colours, set to gradually fade or colour change. Ideal for themed dining rooms, dinner-dance venues

Houses of worship
Entrance and aisle lighting, pew lighting, choir stage, musician stage, ceiling structure display, feature window lighting. The low power usage, no noise, and easy placement of LED units make them perfect for churches and areas used for worship gatherings. Lightweight and easily transportable for moving between venues.

TV, Theatre and Photography
Stage lights, spotlights and downlights. From the ambient lighting of a stage, to subtle room colour, floor and wall lighting for stage plays and performances, and set piece lighting for video and stills photography. Washes and uplighters are perfect for reliable professional use, with the benefit of LED technology meaning you won't have the huge heat output of traditional bulb units in an enclosed environment.

Structural, interior and exterior lighting. Entrance and building feature highlights. Using mains powered or battery powered IP rated LED uplighters gives you the flexibility of placement that can really bring a design to life both inside and outside. Drives, entrances, pathways and gardens can be colour lit with ease for semi or permanent installations

These modern ‘plug-and-play’ units  throw colour across the walls and ceilings, reflecting shadows, and highlighting the curves and features of a room.
Weddings and receptions are the most popular venues to use uplighters, making the venue come alive with colour from strategically positioned lighting units. Whether it be a hall, a country estate, a marquee, or a function room, any venue can look fantastic for your big day. They can be used for the whole event, using bright colours during a ceremony and the meal, and then switching modes to create chasing and dancing effects to the music during the evening celebrations




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