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The word Motorsport covers so many different variations of vehicle based events, from Go Karts, Speedway, MotoGP, Formula 1, 3 and 4, Rally Staging, Motocross, Touring Cars, Stock Cars, Drag Strip and many more, its a huge industry, with all its associated events having there own specific requirements for both public hosting, staff and team paddocks, and for temporary workshop shelters, judging areas, and general wet weather protection.
It includes both competition based events, and the static concours and classic car shows, bike shows, and the memorabilia swap meets that all make up this vast market sector.


Through use of the latest digital printing techniques, the fabric, pvc and textile surfaces of our Tents, Shelters, Marquees and Gazebos are able to recieve high definition images direct to their surface, which allows for vibrant colour schemes to enhance corporate branding and team colours, and make your system a real visual talking point to compliment its practical usage.

For more information on custom fabric and textile printing services, please see our dedicated page - Click here


The Hospitality world has always been closely linked with all the variations of motorsports. Where there are people, there is always a need for temporary structures to host them with food, drinks, places to sit and relax, and shelter from the elements, alongside entertainment, and the all important brand and product displays. These structures vary in size and style, from the most standard of 'pop up' gazebo type shelter, to Truss framed roof sytems and large Tent and Marquee packages. 


We offer a range of trussing systems and staging, covering all budgets, requirements and specifications to suit exactly your needs, be it a transportable system, semi permanent truss structure or fully portable building. Marquees, Gazebos and Roofing materials can be custom ordered with Brand logo printing, and a large range of accessories are available for lighting and sound, public address and visual display.

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