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The sound quality and performance levels of modern speaker systems are just immense when compared to units from even just a few years ago.

Advancements in construction methods, availability of natural and man-made materials and computer aided cabinet design have allowed the dB / SPL output levels of speaker systems to reach incredible levels, coupled with longevity and reliability that was previously not achievable.
Huge breakthroughs in Class D digital amplification in both reliability and power output have also pushed the performance speaker industry forward substantially in a short space of time, with active systems now being the mainstay of many manufacturers catalogues as onboard power offers large advantages over traditional passive rigs in most situations. RCF and D.A.S. are at the very top of the marketplace, with products targeting every possible scenario and user requirement, from the mobile musician or DJ to a full arena array or nightclub system.
Some large venue installations still favour a passive system with separate amplification though, and the speaker and DSP amplifiers of NEXO are world renowned for longevity and outstanding quality.

Split across the categories of Speakers, Line Array, Column Array and Subwoofers, we have products from the ranges of RCF, NEXO and D.A.S. Audio which are all leaders in their field and have their own unique approach to sound reproduction.

Stage Concepts are also proud to offer the fantastic products of Moose Sound, with a 25 year heritage who design and manufacture their entire range in Europe using only high quality EU sourced components. Their speaker systems are some of the finest available, offering a unique range of Line Array and Installation systems, Moose is fast becoming a brand for those in the know. 



Concentrating just on the professional consumer ranges and installation / touring systems allows us to offer products from these industry leading manufacturers, who mix cutting edge technology with proven track records in sound reinforcement, being used worldwide on arena stages, festivals, and for performance arenas and club systems.