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8' x 4' Stage Deck Platforms

             Power Dynamics Stage Deck      Euro Safety Regulations

Introducing our large size professional stage platform for use in both installation purposes and the rental industry. These decks are manufactured in Europe using the latest aluminium extruding technology available to allow for an ultra strong framework at an incredibly light weight.

They are in fact the lightest in this class, with a board loaded 8' x 4' deck frame weighing just 45 kg, making handling and transportation easier, and allowing lifting and storage to be more manageable.

Unique in the 8' x 4' market, our deck uses a 6 leg system compared to the standard 4, which gives it the support mid-deck that virtually eliminates deflection and problems caused by uneven flooring, and significantly reduces mechanical stress to couplings and fixtures in a multi platform set up.

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Also unique to this system is its universal fitment leg pressure cube, which has been custom designed to allow the use of all standard round and square legs using the same clamp and pressure piece for all, so 48,3mm scaffold tubing, 50x50 sq and 60x60 sq box section will all fit with no need for anything additional, giving you the flexibility of interchanging to suit the situation without the hassle of adapters that other manufacturers platforms require.

Stage Deck Leg Fitment

The Marketplace

The staging industry has only two real market leaders in the 8’ x 4’ sector, which are the aluminium based Prolyte LiteDeck system and the steel contruction variety offered by Steeldeck.

Both the Prolyte LiteDeck and Steeldeck designs use an open space frame similar to ladder truss construction, with welded cross bars into a welded tubular box section frame, with the only obvious difference between the two being that the Prolyte system is all aluminium, and the Steeldeck is all steel including the crossbars. Legs however are the same on each, being industry standard scaffold size aluminium tubing held via some type of clamping system.
 Prolyte LD   Prolyte LD frame Steeldeck 8 x 4   
What both the Steeldeck and Prolyte Lyte decks concede over our newer manufacturing system is the decks solid side slot rail feature, only made possible through the Power Dynamics deck frame being extruded aluminium section rather than the welded ladder format. This flat side wall allows easy deck to deck interlocking, and gives a strong and easily adjusted mechanical fixing system for safety hand rails and railings to be attached.

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The other big advantages to our extruded frame design is structural rigidity and overall platform weight, with a saving of 3 kg per deck over the Prolyte system, and over 25kg less than the Steeldeck units, yet with our frame and unique 6 leg system you are getting a higher loading capacity and lower deflection rate mid-deck despite it being the lightest unit on the market.

With flexibility and usability being a main goal for the Power Dynamics 8’ x 4’ decks, the frame and its integral bolt rail has been carefully designed to allow full compatibility with any other system of deck you may already have, so as long as your leg heights are the same, you will have no problem integrating this modern system seamlessly into your existing setup, be that aluminium or steel framed, 2m x 1m or 1m x 1m sizes, so giving you ultimate flexibility.

               Ladder Frame Deck                           Standard Leg Fitment

Talking of the legs, you will also have no problem using whichever type of legs you already have or that are available to you, as our patented universal leg corner pressure cube allows usage of both round and square tubing in the 3 main scaffold sizes without any adapters or accessories being required, which is an industry first.

Why choose an 8' x 4' ?

With the implementation of the metric system throughout europe, the popularity of the now standard 2m x 1m deck size has made it the more popular option, due to its smaller size making transportation for mobile rigs more convenient in both dimensions and weight, though the obvious downsides are that you will require more decks to cover the same area, resulting in more equipment to handle, transport and store.

For semi permanent or full installation, or for professional mobile use if the transport is available, the 8' x 4' platforms make a lot of sense as you can cover maximum space more efficiently. They also use fully compatible frames as their metric alternatives, so will lock together using standard fixings, take the same legs, and so can be mixed and matched to suit the available space if you already have other decks.

                  Stage Deck Features

‘Imperial’ Stage decks

The 8' x 4' sizing format is the original stage deck size. It's been around in various forms for well over a century, providing raised platforms in theatres and music halls, and its functional simplicity and durability has ensured its been in constant demand since its invention.

The only difference now from those early days is the use of either steel or aluminium for the framework and legs, compared to the originals being of wood construction. The deck top itself is still the same, being a multi laminate plywood, available in either raw finish or with a choice of top surfaces for different applications.

                8ft x 4ft Frame                      Stage Deck Frame Design

Why that size board ?

The 8' x 4' sizing came about from that being the original maximum dimensions for a laminated wood sheet that could be produced on traditional machines and presses. Though the process of laminating wood had been around in England since the late 1700s, it wasn't until the 1860s in France that industrial production was achieved after the invention of large rotary lathes for slicing timber laminate. It was then introduced as a standardised size in America around 1928 for use in construction, and has stayed as the default size for large panel construction boards throughout the world ever since.

Materials for the hardwood ply specific for flooring is usually birch construct, of varying thickness, glued together under pressure to form in incredibly strong sheet with excellent shear strength, impact resistance, and stability under load. Being a multipart construct, it is also unaffected in strength from being cut, so can be sized for specific needs without compromising rigidity.

Using this size for staging comes with the obvious benefit of the material not needing to be cut down from its manufactured size, so the lack of waste and additional machine time means productions costs are less, and standard plain finish boards are easily sourced and replaced if damaged.

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Safety and Quality

All our 8' x 4' platforms are made from the finest materials available, ensuring you years of trouble free use be it for installation or for a busy rental set up. They exceed all the modern requirements for a performance based product, having undergone stringent testing and certification procedures in all the recognised categories for load bearing equipment and come with approval from the TUV, Eurocode and DIN.

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Tuv Rheinland

The TUV group or Technical Inspection Association is the world's benchmark organisation for the testing and grading of equipment for safety to humans and the environment. The Rheinland subsidiary based in Cologne are recognised for their testing of not just safety, but quality and efficiency of use. Gaining TUV approval shows a product to be of the very highest quality and standards, and separates the professional equipment from lower specification rivals that are not truly fit for purpose.

The platforms also have Eurocode certifications 1, 5 and 9, which are the following :

BS EN 1991 - Actions on load bearing structures
BS EN 1995 - Design of timber structures
BS EN 1999 - Design of Aluminium structures

                                                         Din 15921             TUV Reinland Tested             Eurocode Ratings

These ratings are for the material and manufacturing processes, ensuring the products conform to various industry standards for load bearing materials. These are safety and quality ratings of the actual aluminum and wood constructs, and are separate to the TUV testing.
Lastly, these products meet strict Din 15921 requirements which is a specific set of tests for the use of aluminium platforms and frames in the entertainment industry.

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Finishes and options

As standard, the decks come with black textured HEXA finish birch ply board, or are available in flat black, brown, and natural wood. They are also available with custom order plexiglass tops in transparent, white or black. Transparent and white tops can be used for under lighting purposes and a popular option in the fashion industry.

                          Stage Finish Options         Imperial Stage Deck
Imperial vs Metric

For ease of comparison, an 8' x 4' sheet equals 2440mm (2.44m) x 1220mm (1.22m), so you are gaining nearly half a meter on the long side over the 2000mm (2m) metric standard, and a quarter metre on the short side compared to 1000mm (1m), which makes a significant difference when using several decks to cover an area, as with just two imperial decks end to end you are up almost a metre in length over using two of the equivalent metric sizes.

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