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CoolSparx System


Stage Concepts are thrilled to offer the fantastic CoolSparx, an indoor firework fountain based around the latest cold firing technology. Our goal was to bring an affordable version of this exciting new effects system to our customers.

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With safety concerns and fire risks meaning most venues banned the use of traditional gunpowder based pyrotechnics completely, these fabulous systems bring a high quality effect to the market that are completely safe for use in enclosed spaces and around flammable fabrics such as curtains and drapes and in close proximity to performers.

Fabulous for stage use, parties, weddings, musicals and band performances, mobile DJ use and television work. The systems are fantastic on their own or can be daisy chained with DMX control for a fantastic multiple firing show.

Onboard control allows the spark output to be altered in height and volume through adjustment of the main fan speed


Operating at low temperature, the sparks are produced are virtually cold as they exit the machine. Its safe enough to hold your hand in the jet of sparks.

How it works

The CoolSparx unit utilises a scew driven powder hopper into a pre-heated chamber. The titanium and zirconium particles in the powder react to produce a bright flash of light, which the unit expells quickly using an adjustable fan system. The result is a super bright and extremely impressive fountain effect that is cold to the touch as it hits the air.

Ease of use

The CoolSparx system can be used stand alone or vix DMX from a controller as part of a larger lighting show. It comes supplied with a simple plug in remote firing control button, and a wireless radio remote system for distance control.


CoolSparx uses a specific grade and blend of metal elements in its powder. To avoid damage to the machine from using unsuitable powders, each refill packet comes with an RFID Swipe Card, which when touched to the panel on the CoolSparx both unlocks the firing controls and also adds a powder volume based time allocation to the display. This feature is built in to ensure the correct working of the system, and as a safety measure to both machine and user.

Can i use it at any venue ?

As the CoolSparx is not classed as a pyrotechnic it does not require the special performance licenses and insurances that using traditional spark gerbs or fountains require.

As with any atmospheric effect (smoke, haze, bubble, foam etc) permission from the individual venue prior to usage is advised just as a courtesy.
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