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Staging Decks are modular, which allows the same Deck to be used at various heights by simply changing the legs. This versatility allows a minimum amount of Stage Decks to perform in multiple situations. Legs come in a variety of lengths and are available as either fixed or adjustable types. Fixed design from step height of 200mm, right up to tier heights of 2200mm (2m) in adjustable form.

They come in Aluminium tubular and box section design, and can be fitted with screw thread feet that allow fine adjustment on uneven floor, simple rubber end cap feet, or locking castors. All our legs conform to the highest level of safety and manufacturing certification of the TUV. They are factory load tested to exceed the stated maximum rating, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

We also have the Riser systems to go with our Panther stage deck platforms, which offer a lightweight and extremely portable solution for light to medium usage.

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