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Modern contemporary metal and wooden desk systems for architectural, commercial, business and private applications.

Stylish, functional and extremely hardwearing, they provide both a visual talking point and a large useable workspace which is rock solid, and rated to take more weight than it would ever need to in a day to day environment. They can be custom ordered to compliment any colour schemes and themes you may have, so are perfect for interior designers and architects wanting to match in the worksurfaces to the decor of the building or for a particular room's style.


Using the aluminium frames from the Economy 350 range of deck platforms, APQ supply a range of professional use desks. They come in either anodised or powder coat frame finishes, with top surfaces available in virtually any finish or colour you require. 

This modular system is available in custom short sizes for use as side tables and seats, and the main desk frames and tops are available in standard square, rectangular, and triangular shaped combinations which allow for a range of unique sizes and shapes of desk to be configured. The standard rectangular 2m x 1m desk unit is 33kg and is available with adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.

Legs are made from 60mm x 60mm box section aluminium, and are available as standard fixed height, or as telescopic adjustable height. Legs come fitted with hard polyamide end caps for floor protection, and can also be fitted with adjustable inserts for use on uneven flooring. As with the desk frames, the legs can be supplied in natural anodised finish, or can be powder coated for a custom look.  

Anodised aluminium frame system rated at 500kg/m2 up to a height of 1.6m. Due to the size and large load bearing capability, they are also suitable for use as workbenches in the engineering and automotive industries. Frames are available as standard anodised bare aluminium, or with a powder coat finish applied in virtually any colour or texture you require (subject to quantity ordered)

Top Surface
The 19mm ply core board for the desk range is available as standard with a variety of top surface finishes. Hard laminate, grip texture, hi gloss colours, wood laminate, real wood parquet, vinyl and linoleum. All are available in plain or patterned, and in any colour you may like.

Custom finishes are also available, such as your own artwork or images embedded under an acrylic top, or printed directly onto the laminate.

Heavy load bearing Acrylic glass tops are also available in a translucent satinised finish, which allows the use of under lighting for effect, mood, and also for use in the design and architectural industry as a tabletop sized lightbox for laying out drawings and image work. This can be further enhanced with the use of the optional side facings that come in either fabric drape or as solid wooden board, allowing the user to completely box in the lighting source.



Fabric facings, produced from heavy CS material and available in any desired height and colour. Material is permanently flame retardant and does not require re-impregnation after washing. Fixture plates are available to allow easy fitment into the desks side rail.

Wooden panel facings are available in any size and finish required to match your desk surface finish, or in a complementary or opposing colour for standout visual appeal.


Create a desk back and sides, or a larger sized back or side board to act as a partition.  Facings are custom order so can be made to your exact specification. Fitment to the desk unit is done via the desks rail system.


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