RCF SUB 8004-AS High Power 18″ Active Subwoofer Speaker System


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The SUB 8004-AS is one of the most powerful 18” subwoofers in pro-sound category.

Featuring a high power, hyper-vented 18” woofer, with 4” inside/outside voice coils, this cabinet is designed to deliver a serious amount of low frequency. It is a direct radiating, high output, large-format sub woofer system proven in complementing high efficiency, full-range loudspeakers.

SUB 8004-AS has been designed to extract the greatest efficiency from every part of the system, resulting in an effortless reproduction of low frequency transient response. As a self-powered system, the transducers, amplification and DSP control electronics of the SUB 8004-AS are designed to optimize performance and maximize its power.



The SUB 8004-AS ‘s efficiently tuned cabinet houses two RCF Precision backvented, long-excursion, new high power 18” inch cone drivers, providing a fast and controlled reproduction of the bass frequency range. Featuring a 4” inside/outside voice coil to minimize power compression and extend the life of this product.
The drivers have also been engineered for extreme efficiency, using highgauss ferrite magnets for the most powerful magnetic field strength. High magnetic field strength increases the driver’s sensitivity, which yields greater
output, while keeping heat dissipation requirements within operational


Powered by a 1250W digital amplifier module, the SUB 8004-AS can perform in the most demanding situations. The input board includes volume control, deep/punch switch, high pass switch, phase switch, cardioid, time delay. An easy to reach delay knob on the back allows to set the overall delay of the
speaker, in meters, according to its application. 3 status LEDs – Power / Signal / Status are provided for monitoring the system.

The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminium structure which not only stabilize the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the heat
dissipation and, with DSP control electronics and power supply, is integrated into a single, field-replaceable module mounted in the rear of the cabinet. The cabinet is constructed of multi-ply hardwood and coated with a textured black finish. Integral metal grilles lined with acoustical black mesh protect the cone drivers.


  • Live sound
  • Rental
  • Portable PA, clubs, ballrooms, live theatre
  • House of worship
  • Theme parks
  • Music playback and sound reinforcement in small and mid-size venues
  • Corporate A/V professionals and sound system hire companies


  • 2500 Watt Peak, 1250 Wat RMS
  • 136 dB max SPL
  • 30 Hz – 120 Hz frequency response
  • 18” Woofer, 4.0” voice coil vented woofer
  • DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets
  • Delay control
  • Baltic birch tour grade cabinet
  • Compatible with NXL23-A (stacking)
  • Compatible with NXL24-A (stacking)
  • Multiple configurations with HDL 10-A and HDL 20-A


  • Height:700 / 27.56 mm/inch
  • Width:557.5 / 21.95 mm/inch
  • Depth:700 / 27.56 mm/inch
  • Net Weight:51.0 / 112.20 kg/lbs


Weight 51 kg


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