Here at Stage Concepts we understand the importance of creating the right look for your event or show, and the necessity of using atmospheric effects to create that look, and also to give you the best results from your lighting equipment.

We a main dealers for the Le Maitre range of products, made in the UK to exacting standards and used in stage productions and live events the world over, they are what we consider to be the very finest of their type available. The full range includes smoke and haze machines, pyrotechnics of various sizes and outputs, confetti cannons, flame units, and the classic snow, foam and bubble machines.
These are professional level, robust and long working life machines, giving you high quality effects and legendary reliability.

We are also proud to offer the amazing Sparkular and CoolSparx effects systems which are completely non hazardous spark jet gerb style units which give full DMX control and can be used indoors with no special permissions or licences making them perfect for all events.

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