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Frequently Asked Questions 

Have we got it all covered? Here is a section on our most frequently asked questions, just in case there is particular aspect of our staging you wish to be confirmed before taking that step further.

Do Stage Concepts hire or rent staging?

No – Stage Concepts specialises in staging sales and distribution only as this allows us to offer the best service and prices to our customers, leaving rental to other established companies. 

Can I buy staging and trussing direct from Stage Concepts?

Yes – All of our staging products can be bought directly from us. We do not sell the individual components, and instead are able to build a complete package including everything that you require for your event. If you are an events or hire company, we also act as suppliers of stock for your business.

Are we competitive with prices on our stage and trussing systems?

All of our professional staging are high quality, handmade and designed to last. Unlike cheaper brands out there on the market; we prioritize quality as an important factor when it comes to all staging equipment. Having an unstable set up not only risks an unwanted interruption of your event, but also risks safety. Stage Concepts offers affordable, quality staging and trussing without the extortionate price tag.

Can we deliver staging direct to your event?

Yes we can, call us directly and we can organise either dry hire or with crew, We have Rental partners based in London.

Is our staging suitable for outdoor events?

Yes – Our versatile staging equipment can be modified to suit both indoor and outdoor events. We have lots of solutions to suit outdoor applications such as marquee events, festivals and gigs: including staging roofs, PA wings, anti-slip stage platforms and legs to stabilise the decks on different terrains.

Do we offer dry hire Rental for stage decks and trussing?

Yes – We offer dry hire staging to professional events companies, AV hire companies, outdoor marquee hire companies, production companies and other businesses which specialise in the events industry. If you wish to collect your staging directly from us, we can also provide information on how to set up your staging.

What areas do we cover for rental?

We cover London and its surrounding counties: including Essex, Kent and Surrey. We offer an exception for sizeable events further afield, please get in contact with us to check if your event is eligible for a rental service.

Are our stages adaptable with other brands?

If you have an existing stage deck or wish to connect our staging with other brands, our products are compatible with top brands such as Prolyte and Topdeck. We can specially manufacture clamps so our platforms can fit together with other brands, allowing you to connect together the perfect stage.

Can I choose the colour?

We have a choice of five different styles, or colours, for the staging. You can choose from anti-slip layering which is available in black or dark brown and hexagonal texture which boasts versatility for a number of different events. Alternatively, light grey is also available and veneer coating in a natural light wood style; great for presentations and fashion shows.

What is the lead time?

All of our popular, standard stages are available and ready to be dispatched and hired. If you are requiring anything custom made; for example specialist stage sizes, veneer material; different legs or sizes of trussing; this has an expected lead time of 2 – 6 weeks. All of our staging is handmade and undergoes a careful manufacturing process, so anything being custom made needs a good amount of time to be processed.
Our Rental partner in London has large stocks of stage deck ready to go, we can customize colour height and backdrops to suite your event.

Can you produce drawings so we can visualise the proposals?

Yes – If you contact us and share your ideas and requirements for your event staging, our team will draw up a proposal for you and supply you with a drawing mapping out exactly what you need to visualise. We can help in many areas including Schools, Drama Studios, product displays, film, TV, Theatre, Fashion Shows, Conferences and more

Are our stage decks light?

All of our stage decks are lightweight aluminium and plywood layering, and our standard 2.0m x 1.0m and weigh approximately are light enough to be portable. Carrying these decks is a two man job, but there are transport trolleys available for carrying staging over long distances which we can supply.

Are the stages easy to store away?

Yes – Our stages are very compact and can be stored away easily. The legs of the stage platforms can be detached from the flat panel, and these panels can be stacked up either onto racks or transport trolleys.

What sizes are available?

Our stage deck panels come in four standard sizes: 2.0m x 1.0m, 2.0m x 0.5m, 1.0m x 1.0m and 1.0m x 0.5m, but can also be custom assembled to create the right size to stage your event.

Do you provide storage/ transport trolleys?

We provide storage for stage platforms and handrailing using transport trolleys. The platforms can be easily stacked up onto the trolley and provide secure transit.