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Portable Sports Podiums & Staggered Height Platforms

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Winners Podiums

Portable and completely collapsible winners podiums for sporting events. Constructed using our aluminium riser stage systems, our winner's podiums are easily transported in a large car or small van. Tough and durable aluminium frame with 12mm birch plywood and non-slip Hexa finish.

Our winner's podiums are perfect for adding a professional touch to winners ceremonies at sports days and events. Ideal solution for schools and sports clubs.

Awards Ceremony Podiums

Popular for public speaking events and presentations, these modular stage platform podium sets make a great addition to an awards ceremony or corporate achievement evening. They are low enough to not require handrails, while providing enough elevation to add that touch of class to any event.

Frequently Asked...

What is a winner’s podium?

A winner’s podium is used at winners ceremonies, and typically consists of three staggered tiers, for first, second and third place. They are ideal for sporting events, sports days and competitions, and are popularly used at schools and sports clubs. Our selection of winner’s podiums are designed for portable use, and can be easily assembled and collapsed and transported between venues. They have a high-quality aluminium frame and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What is a winner’s podium made of?

Our winner’s podiums are made up of three stage decks with risers, which create a staggered height podium. Each stage deck has a high-quality, strong and durable aluminium frame that can take an impressive weight load. The surface of each deck is 12mm birch plywood with a non-slip Hexa finish. As a result, our podiums are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

How do you set up a winner’s podium?

Our awards ceremony winner’s podiums are quick and easy to set-up, and everything needed for set-up is included. The podium is made up of three stage decks, each of which connects simply to the included riser. If required, additional stage decks, and stage railings can also be easily connected.

Are winner’s podiums portable?

Yes, our winner’s podiums are designed for portable use. They can be quickly and easily assembled and then collapsed again for transport. The frames and stage decks are both durable and lightweight so can be carried and transported with ease. Once disassembled they can fit in a large car or small van.

What height is a winner’s podium?

The height of a winner’s podiums will vary between systems. Usually a winner’s podium is made up of three tiers at different heights to create a staggered effect. For example, we offer a system with three decks at the height of 60cm, 40cm and 20cm. We also have a system that features one tier at 40cm and the other two tiers at 20cm.

Can a winner’s podium be used outdoors?

Yes, our awards ceremony winner’s podiums are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The podium has a durable high-quality aluminium structure that is weather resistand for temporary outdoor use. The top material also has a waterproof anti-slip design, preventing the surface from becoming slippery during adverse weather. However, our winner’s podiums are not designed to be left outdoors permanently.

What weight can a winner’s podium take?

Our winner’s podiums have a strong aluminium frame and therefore can take an impressive weight load. The podiums are made of three individual stage decks to create staggered tiers, and each deck has a loading capacity of 750kg/m2 which is more than enough for most needs.

What size is a winner’s podium?

Our awards ceremony winner’s podiums are made up of three staggered tiers, and each tier is 1m x 1m. This is an ideal size for winners to stand and celebrate their victory, and you could comfortably fit a couple of people on each tier. If larger podiums are desired, then additional stage platforms and risers can be purchased and easily connected to the system.

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