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Stage Platforms

Stage Concepts are sellers and distributors of Alustage stage Platforms. We offer Ultra Light stage riser platforms that are perfect for use as church and school stages. The versatility of our modular stage systems allows them to be used as tiered seating, choir rises amongst many other uses.

The latest European aluminium extrusion manufacturing with TUV and DIN safety testing to all of our stage decks ensures you the very best systems on the market, with metric 1x1m and 2x1m panels up to the larger traditional 8'x4' decks. With options for top surface finish including anti slip, natural wood or custom orders like metal grids, clear acrylic or carpet, there is always a system to suit.

Stage Concepts can supply anything from a single-stage deck or Tiered Seating System to a full arena stage floor with all the required fixtures, fittings. Extras such as Safety Handrails and modular stair units. We can guide you through the ordering process to ensure you are purchasing exactly the system you need and that it will be suitable for the usage you intend for it.

Frequently Asked...

What are stage platforms used for?

Stage platforms are perfect for providing a portable stage system. They are versatile and can be easily connected to make any shape stage. They are ideal for business conferences, universities, schools, hotels, and catwalks. They can be used for a number of applications, such as DJ acts, live band performances and drama productions.

What size stage platforms are available?

Stage platforms come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most popular sizes we offer are 1x1m and 2x1m, but we also stock traditional sizes, such as 8’x4’ decks. Platforms come in a variety of shapes, most commonly square and rectangular, but we will also offer circular and triangular shapes. Stage platforms are highly versatile and can be easily connected together to make any size or shape stage.

What types of stage platforms are there?

There are a range of stage platforms available to suit the requirements of the job, and these come in varying sizes and shapes. We offer lightweight solutions for portability and low weight requirements. We also provide heavy duty versions that offer the most robust decking and are suitable for taller stages or outside use. Contact our team at Stage Concepts to discuss the best stage platforms for your use.

What extras do I need with a stage platform?

The extras you need will depend on the usage you intend your stage platform for. Popular extras include; handrails, steps, stage skirts, clamps and collapsible risers. Contact our team at Stage Concepts to discuss your requirements and we can help you decide what extras are necessary.

How much does a stage platform cost?

The cost of a stage platform varies depending on the size and height required. The top surface finish you select will also affect the price, for example anti-slip or wood, or a custom finish, such as metal grids which would cost more. Our team at Stage Concepts would be happy to discuss your requirements and give a cost estimate.

How do I assemble a stage platform?

Assembly of stage platforms is quick and simple, and you can make a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any event. Stage platforms can be easily connected to a riser of the desired height, which fastens to the platform. Once the platform is assembled, a locking clamp can be used to fit individual platforms together. If required, steps, stair rails, and stage railings can also be easily connected.

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