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Stage Truss Packages

Discover the versatility and reliability of our high-quality aluminium truss systems, designed to meet the demands of various event setups. Our aluminium trusses provide a solid foundation for lighting, audio, and visual equipment, ensuring a seamless and professional presentation every time.

Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminium, our stage truss systems offer exceptional strength and stability while maintaining portability and ease of assembly. Whether you're organizing a concert, trade show, exhibition, or any other event that requires overhead support, our aluminium truss systems provide the structural integrity needed to securely suspend equipment and create captivating stage designs.

Modular Stage Truss

With its modular design, our aluminium truss system offer endless configuration possibilities. From simple straight lines to complex multi-level structures, our truss systems can be customized to suit your specific venue and production requirements. The quick-connect system allows for efficient setup and dismantling, saving you valuable time during event preparations.

Our aluminium truss systems are meticulously engineered in Europe and TUV tested to ensure optimal load-bearing capacity and stability. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant properties of our truss make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing durability and longevity for repeated use.

Custom Coloured Aluminium Truss

We understand the importance of aesthetics in event production, and that's why our aluminium truss is available to order in sleek powder coated finishes in a huge range of colours, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into any event theme or design concept.

Elevate your event production with our professional aluminium truss systems. With their exceptional quality, versatility, and reliability, our trusses are the ideal choice for creating impressive stages and memorable experiences. Trust Stage Concepts for all your truss system needs.

Frequently Asked...

What is aluminium truss?

Aluminium truss is a metal framework used to mount equipment and lighting across an area. It is popularly used in a variety of settings, including stage productions, exhibition stands, and retail environments. It is straightforward to assemble and can be either permanently installed, or used portably and transported between venues. We provide an extensive range of high-quality truss to meet your particular needs, including; ladder, triangle and quad systems, and also pre-packaged systems, such as exhibition stands.

What is truss used for?

Truss can be used for a range of applications and is highly versatile. It is often used to support lighting and sound equipment, stage effects, visual displays, and LED video walls. As a result, it is commonly seen in a range of settings, including; theatres, concert halls, fashion shows, exhibition halls, and retail environments. The exact usage will depend on the type of truss, with ladder truss intended for light duty use, such as small lighting applications, while quad truss is suitable for heavy duty use, such as stage roofing systems.

What types of aluminium truss are available?

There are several types of aluminium truss, the most popular being ladder, triangle and quad. Ladder truss is the cheapest and simplest form of truss, and is designed for light duty use, for instance the mounting of small lighting applications. It is flexible and very useful when space is limited. Triangle truss has an eye catching triple tube system and it is a strong intermediate option. Its design provides greater weight loading and multiple mounting points. Whilst quad truss has a four-tube system and is the strongest and largest type of truss. It can therefore take the heaviest weight load, and can offer a clear span of up to 18m. We provide all three types of truss, and also offer pre-packaged systems that include everything needed for set-up, such as; exhibition stands, stage roof systems and video wall truss.

How do you set up aluminium truss?

The set-up process for aluminium truss will depend on the type and brand of truss in use. Most truss fits together with conical connections, using a locking pin and clip to hold each individual piece in place. Whilst some types will use nuts and bolts to join pieces together. Usually you would begin by building the top section at ground level first to create the frame. Following this the legs can be added in sections to raise the structure up. We recommend keeping connections at a low level when possible to minimise the need for height access equipment.

How much weight can aluminium truss take?

The weight load that aluminium truss can handle will vary significantly, depending on the type of truss in use. For instance, ladder truss is intended for light duty use, such as the mounting of compact lighting equipment. In comparison, triangle truss systems can handle an intermediate weight load and support a number of lighting fixtures, displays and audio equipment. Whilst, quad truss is the strongest type and can therefore support the heaviest weight load. For more information on span and weight load, please get in touch with our specialist team.

What is the best aluminium truss?

The best aluminium truss for you will depend on your usage purposes, and budget. For instance ladder truss is ideal for light duty use and is the cheapest option. Whereas triangle truss is a good intermediate option and can support a much greater weight. In comparison, quad truss is the strongest type of truss and can take the heaviest weight load. However this means it is a more expensive option. Alternatively, one of our pre-packaged systems, such as video wall truss may be the best option for you, as it will include everything needed for an easy set-up.

What sizes is aluminium truss available in?

Aluminium truss is avalable in a range of sizes to suit all purposes. Our SC Pro and BeamZ range of ladder, triangle and quad truss is available in straight individual sections from 0.5m to 4m that can be fastened together. Whilst our Milos range goes up to 5m sections. Our SC Pro range is manufactured in the UK, and this provides the option to custom design a truss system in any size and shape to meet your exact requirements. Please get in touch with our Stage Concepts team who would be happy to advise on the best size truss for your requirements.

What is the strongest type of truss?

The strongest type of truss is quad truss, which is sometimes described as ‘square truss’. This truss has a four-tube square system, which enables it to take a very heavy weight load. Its design additionally eliminates orientation and apex issues, and provides numerous mounting points. Quad truss is therefore the ideal choice for larger settings, and stage and theatre work. It can support a significant number of lighting fixtures, sound equipment and visual displays. However, the exact weight load will depend on the particular system and the span. For advice on span and weight load please contact our helpful Stage Concepts team.

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