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Wash Lighting

Stage Concepts supply a selection of high-performance wash lighting for event use and architectural placement.

Used to wash an entire wall, ceiling or floor with a soft flood or focused beam of colour, wash lighting a mainstay for events lighting. They can transform a venue from looking dull and dated to vibrant and new, and are by far the most cost effective way to decorate the walls, halls and ceilings of any event.

The traditional types were restricted to one colour at a time, with colour changing done using filters or gels over the lens. The newest range of LED units are a world away from this, and are able to produce a large range of popular colour combinations without the need for any separate filters or bulb changes.

Wash Light Effects

They are the latest technology in wash lighting and can be used for a variety of applications such as venue dressing, marquees and halls, hotels, churches, special effects in photography and film, architectural installation, television and music performance.

Wash lighting is a versatile and essential component for any stage or event, providing a stunning and immersive visual experience. Whether you're organising a concert, theatrical production, or corporate event, our wash lighting solutions will elevate your venue to new heights.

Our wash lights range encompasses a variety of cutting-edge fixtures designed to create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects. These fixtures are equipped with advanced features such as colour mixing capabilities, adjustable beam angles, and precise control options. With our wash lighting products, you have the power to transform any space into a visual spectacle. 

Advantages of Stage Wash Lighting

One of the key advantages of stage wash lighting is its ability to cover large areas in a uniform wash of light. This even distribution allows you to highlight performers, set designs, and architectural features with ease. Whether you need to illuminate an expansive stage or a grand ballroom, our lighting fixtures deliver seamless coverage, ensuring that every corner of your venue is bathed in the glow.

Our wash lighting solutions are also customisable, allowing you to achieve the ambiance you desire. From warm and cosy hues to bold and vibrant shades, our fixtures offer a spectrum of colour options. With control systems, you can effortlessly adjust the colour temperature, brightness, and create colour fades and chases to match the mood and theme of your event.

Durability and Efficiency of Wash Lighting

In addition to their versatility and stunning visual effects, our general wash lighting fixtures are designed with efficiency and durability in mind. We prioritise energy-efficient technology, allowing you to reduce power consumption without compromising on the quality of light. Furthermore, our fixtures are built to withstand the rigours of event production, ensuring reliable performance.

When it comes to creating an unforgettable event, lighting plays a crucial role. With our wash lighting solutions, you can transform any space into a mesmerising visual masterpiece. Browse our extensive collection today and let your creativity shine.

Frequently Asked...

What is wash lighting?

Wash lighting is a technique used in the field of lighting design to create an even, soft, and uniform illumination over a large area or object. It involves the use of wide-angle lighting fixtures, such as flood lights or colour wash fixtures, to produce a broad, diffused beam of light. Wash lighting is commonly employed in theatrical productions, concerts, architectural lighting, and event lighting setups. It helps to establish a general ambiance, provide basic illumination, or create scenic effects by washing the stage, walls, or objects with a consistent and balanced glow.

What is the difference between a wash light and spotlight?

The key difference between a wash light and a spotlight lies in their lighting characteristics and applications.

A wash light is designed to provide a broad, diffused illumination over a large area or object. It typically utilises wide-angle lenses or reflectors to produce a wide beam spread. Wash lights are commonly used for creating general ambient lighting, colour washing walls or stages, or providing even illumination across a wide space.

In contrast, a spotlight is designed to focus a narrow, intense beam of light on a specific subject or area. It employs lenses or reflectors that narrow the beam angle, resulting in a concentrated and directional light output. Spotlights are commonly used to highlight particular actors or objects on a stage, create dramatic effects, or provide focused illumination for specific tasks.

While both wash lights and spotlights serve different lighting purposes, they are often used in combination to achieve a balanced and dynamic lighting design.

What is the meaning of stage wash?

Stage wash refers to the process of illuminating the entire stage area with a broad, even wash of light. It involves using wash lights, such as flood lights or colour wash fixtures, to provide a general illumination that covers the stage from multiple angles. The purpose of stage wash is to establish a basic level of lighting, ensuring that the entire stage is visible and creating a sense of ambiance or mood. Stage wash lighting is typically used at the beginning of a performance or as a foundational lighting layer that can be supplemented with additional lighting effects, spotlights, or colour changes to enhance specific scenes or moments.

Is a PAR light a wash light?

Yes, a Par light can be considered a type of wash light. Par lights, short for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lights, are versatile lighting fixtures commonly used in stage and event lighting. They are designed to produce a wide, even beam of light and are often used for wash lighting purposes. Par lights come in various sizes and beam angles, allowing for different levels of beam spread and coverage. They can be used to provide a general wash of light over a stage or area, create colour washes, or highlight specific elements. With their adjustable focus and versatile nature, Par lights are frequently used as wash lights in the lighting industry.

What is the purpose of a wash light?

The purpose of a wash light is to provide a broad and even distribution of light, typically used in stage lighting and architectural lighting. It helps to illuminate large areas or surfaces uniformly, creating a smooth and consistent wash of light. Wash lights are versatile and can be adjusted to produce various colours, allowing for dynamic lighting effects and ambiance. They are commonly used to enhance the overall visibility and atmosphere of a space or performance.

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