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Concert Stage

Large scale live events such as festivals and concerts will always require a big performance area. Therefore, stage Concepts have a range of Festival Stage, Concert Stage and Outdoor Stage Systems available. Whether it’s just slightly off floor level or raised up above the audience. The average rock music stage, for instance, can be anything up to 50m wide and just as deep. Which is a huge floor area to cover.

The use of standard metric 2m x 1m platforms or the larger 8’ x 4’ imperial decks allow these larger areas to be covered in the quickest time and in the most stable way. Interlocking frames allow for absolute rigidity. Additionally, leg sockets accept standard steel scaffold pole, equally important for larger floor area support.

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Large festival stage with roof system
Compact festival stage and roof system

Stage decks offer a strong and convenient way of adding a multi height flat surface to indoor and outdoors events. Ideal for uneven ground as legs are easily manufactured and altered onsite to cater for any offsets. The slot rail systems of our extruded deck platforms makes bolting on handrails and safety bars quick and easy. Along with rear chair stops and staircase systems.

Festival Stages & Events Stage Systems

This is where a professional stage deck really earns its keep, providing a long life and reliable performance. The lightweight design greatly reduces the setup time, with easy manoeuvrability and transport between venues.

The hardwearing aluminium and ply stage decks are designed to take the constant abuse of a working life on tour, so provide the perfect solution when looking for a durable stage system that’s modular and certified for professional use.

Outdoor stage festival system
Local town festival stage system

Free Stage Design Service

Stage Concepts offer a free design and consultation service to all clients during the planning and quotation process. Usually a costly extra from most companies if available. We feel that delivering a free design services gives us a unique starting point in the relationship we like to build with our customers.

Festival Stage, Concert Stage and Outdoor Stage Systems designs differ greatly between customers. For the most part, some only requiring us to design a fairly simple stage structure. Whilst other projects may require a specific aesthetic or substantial loading capabilities along with custom mounts and fixture points. A projects specific requirements will be the deciding factor in the selection of the Stage Systems we advise and quote for.

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