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Drum Risers

Elevate your live performance with one of our pre-packaged drum risers. All our drum risers are modular and portable for easy transport and construction. The lightweight collapsible riser systems are small enough to be transported in a large car or small van, while the heavy-duty options are robust enough for life on the road.

Constructed using either our lightweight or heavy-duty portable stage platforms, our drum risers have weight loadings between 500-750kg per 1m². The modular platforms are made from TUV rated aluminium frame with 12mm birch ply tops, extremely durable yet effectively lightweight.

Frequently Asked...

What is a drum riser?

A drum riser is an elevated platform designed for a drummer and their drum equipment. It raises the drummer and allows them to be visible to the audience. Drum risers can support a large weight and usually have an anti-slip surface. Our pre-packed drum risers have a modular design, making them highly portable, for easy transport and set-up.

What is the purpose of a drum riser?

A drum riser plays an important role in making the seated drummer visible. Without a riser the drummer would be hidden behind other band members. By using a drum riser the drummer gains presence and can become a focal point. It also helps other members of the band to see and communicate with the drummer. Additionally, it brings the bass and snare drum closer to audience ear level.

How big should a drum riser be?

There are various sizes of drum riser available, however the standard size that we provide is 2x2 metres. This size provides the perfect space for a full size drum kit. Any smaller and drumming equipment may not fit, while larger risers may take up too much space on the main stage.

How tall should a drum riser be?

Drum risers are available in different heights. Our high-quality range provides a height of either 20cm or 40cm. Both will ensure that the seated drummer and drum kit are clearly visible to the audience, and that the drummer is at a good height to communicate with fellow band members.

What weight can a drum riser take?

Drum risers are designed to take a heavy weight load. Our drum risers have a TUV rated aluminium frame, and have a weight loading of between 500-750kg per 1m². They are strong and durable, but still lightweight enough for easy transport.

How do you assemble a drum riser?

Our drum risers are quick and simple to assemble. They have a modular stage deck design, and each deck easily clamps together. The stage legs then fasten securely to the bottom of each stage deck. Our drum risers are designed for simple transport and construction, enabling easy set-up and movement between venues.

Can you use a drum riser outdoors?

Yes, our drum risers are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They have a durable aluminium frame that is weather resistant for temporary outdoor use. They also have a water-proof anti-slip design, providing maximum grip in slippery conditions. However, drum risers should not be left permanently outdoors.

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