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Modular Staging for Schools

Stage concepts works closely with the needs of the school and education sector. Therefore we are able to tailor each school stage riser system or modular stage for schools to fit specific requirements. Be it for a fixed installation or for easily transportable platforms, we have a large range of portable staging for schools. For example, School halls, drama classrooms, orchestras and tiered seating structures. Also for use as ultra durable tables and display plinths.

Portable Stage for School Assembly
Large portable stage for schools

The other convenience of the easily removable legs is the fact they can be changed out for different heights with ease. This allows a multitude of options during setup. Also allowing the school stage risers to maximise their usage potential in your environment

The stage platforms have quick removal legs that mean the decks can be stacked flat when not required. Therefore our school staging systems are perfect for a multi-use room or hall. The aluminium frame of the decks means even the larger platforms are still manageable. 2m x 1m stage deck weighing only 32kg, are an easy lift for two adults.

Tiered portable stage for schools
Tiered seating portable stage for schools

Stage Deck Platforms

Tough and durable aluminium frameworks will not rust or degrade over time. The school stage risers are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. In addition the the top surfaces are industrial grade birch plywood. In either 12mm or 18mm thickness depending on the type of staging unit. These can be supplied in standard untreated form which can be varnished painted. Also a variety of carpet tile or vinyl finishes are available upon request.

Other options include the popular black hexa finish. The textured Hexa finish is anti slip and waterproof, perfect as portable staging for schools. Optional is a range of custom light and dark wood veneer facings.

Credit Facilities for School Stage Systems

We also offer credit facilities to the school and education sector on all our modular staging for schools. This includes all our school staging concepts and temporary stage systems. For more information contact our team who are always available for advice either by phone, email or our live chat.

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