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Tiered Seating Platforms

Heavy-duty tiered seating systems built using our heavy-duty modular stage platforms.

These high-performance tiered stage packages are designed to accommodate up to 4 stackable style chairs per individual stage deck. They are also ideal for standing usage by choirs.

Tiered seating packages are supplied complete with safety railings plus all the required fixings and clamps.

Tiered Seating Systems

Our professional tiered stage systems are packaged to provide you a ready to use multi-level tiered system that have been designed for ease of use and fast build time, with the convenience of breaking down flat for storage and transport.

Tiered systems are built from our heavy-duty stage deck platforms which provide superb load bearing capability and minimal flex from their ultra strong extruded aluminium frames and birch ply top surfaces. With simple push fit tube legs and slotted accessory rail to all sides these platforms are hugely versatile.

Choir Riser Seating

For use as tiered seating stands and choir riser systems the platforms are arranged into rows which are clamped together to form one level surface. The staggered height between the tiers is created simply by using different lengths of legs, usually at 200mm intervals to provide a comfortable stepping level.

To complete a tiered system we include a full set of stage safety railings in either 2m or 1m lengths which have half-height crossbars for added safety and quick fit clamping to fit into the stage decks rails. Leg-to-leg clamps keep the tiers from shifting out of line with each other, and deck inserts keep the top surfaces level.

These tiered systems give the user a comprehensive seating platform package that is completely modular in construction, allowing for tiers to be added or removed when required to suit the audience size and the space available. The use of knurled handles and wingnuts on all the clamp fixings means impressively these systems need no tools at all to put together.

Tiered Stage Seating

A standard stage deck platform is either 2x1m or 1x1m. Used end-to-end in our tiered systems these provide surface area to suit a pair of standard width stackable chairs per 1m width. So as an example our popular 5m x 3m seating system has 3 levels, each at 5m across. This gives enough room for 10 chairs per tier, or 30 chairs total.

Our tiered systems have been supplied into churches, schools and universities where they offer the huge benefits of tiered seating for performances, sporting events, awards and assemblies, with the total versatility of being able to quickly be taken apart and stored, or utilised as a single level professional stage for drama productions, fashion shows and both indoor and outdoor functions.

Modular Seating

As mentioned, these systems offer the user a large array of layouts and tier heights to suit specific events. This modular seating design is particularly useful for touring systems or for the rental market, where a single purchase of a large tiered stage system provides a multitude of configurations.

A 4-tier modular seating system can quickly become a 3 tier by omitting the tallest row for example, or the same goes for width, with the large 8m wide system easily becoming a 4m wide design. It's a truly modular seating platform design that's ideal for so many different users and requirements.

Grandstand Seating

While traditional grandstand seating at sporting venues can be anything from plastic legless seats on concrete, to flip down chairs on a folding metal frame, these systems all require permanent installation, and even when pushed away, will still take up considerable space in a room or hall.

Using a stage deck based tiered stage package for your grandstand seating needs gives you total flexibility over layout and positioning, while being easy to completely remove from any area when not required. With each 2m x 1m stage deck providing space for up to 4 stackable syle chairs, a large modular tiered stage system provides a great solution for your grandstand seating needs.

Frequently Asked...

What is tiered seating?

Tiered seating systems are designed to maximise the available audience space by providing a series of staggered height platforms. Built specifically to handle the weight loading of multiple seated persons, they offer a safe and durable solution for schools, churches and any events seating platform requirements.

Can tiered seating be used outdoors?

Our tiered seating is built to be extremely tough for a long life. It’s aluminium framework and heavy-duty ply tops are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The tops feature a textured grip surface which helps prevent slipping with wet shoes, and the system can be easily cleaned. Due to the tops wood construction, the systems are not suitable to be left outdoors permanently, but bad weather during an event is no problem.

What is the difference between tiered seating and grandstand seating?

Though often grouped together under the same searches they are very different systems. A tiered seating setup is a modular system that is constructed using stage deck platforms fitted with staggered-height legs. Grandstand seating is the type used in sports stadiums, with rows of fixed seating and generally a far steeper angle than a tiered seating system.

What does modular tiered seating mean?

All our tiered seating systems are of modular design, meaning they are put together from separate components which can be used individually and in a variety of configurations. A tiered seating package can easily have stage platforms removed or added to suit each event's seating needs.

What are raked stalls?

Often grouped into searches for tiered seating systems, raked stall or raked seating are a permanently installed seating type that's found in theatres, cinemas and auditoriums. They are part of the building and are not a portable option.

What are the advantages of tiered seating platforms?

The main advantage of tiered seating is the ability to fit a larger seated audience into an area than would be possible with all the chairs at floor level. You also then have the benefit of the entire audience having a clear line of sight. The other significant benefit is being able to take the system apart when not required, clearing valuable space.

Is tiered seating portable?

Our tiered seating packages are put together using standard 2x1m or 1x1m modular stage decks with aluminium pole legs and quick-fit components such as locking clamps and safety railings. These systems break down easily for complete portability making them ideal for outdoor events and rental purposes.

How many seats can a tiered seating platform hold?

Standard stackable chairs found in schools, colleges, and used at most events have a width of approximately 400mm. This allows for 4 chairs per 2x1m platform to be used. So for example our popular 4m x 3m tiered system has 3 tiers with each being 4m wide. This will allow for 24 chairs.

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