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Laser Lights

The world of performance laser lighting systems is now more accessible than ever thanks to the latest developments in technology.

Features and output power ratings once only seen on industrial laser effects have now filtered down into the professional consumer market.

BeamZ Professional range of lasers cover everything from 600 mW up to a huge 25000 mW (25W), with the latest graphics scanners and motor systems, utilising the newest TTL or Pure Diode output methods for maximum effect.

Full RGB colour mixing allowing up to 7 colours to be created and mixed, and highly accurate scanner functions allowing crisp defined lines and shapes to be created.

Powerful enough to be visible with or without smoke (though always best with), these multi-colour or single colour laser effects look amazing as a feature light effect in any venue.

DJ Laser Lights

Professional laser lights are also portable and user friendly enough for the mobile DJ wishing to expand their lighting possibilities.

Easy program control over DMX or using the ILDA interface to suitable laser software. These laser systems are suited both to the professional installer for use in bars, clubs, theatres and live stage performances.

The BeamZ Professional range of laser light systems offers incredible value for such high powered and feature set units.

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