Lighting Accessories

Flight Cases & Lighting Rain Covers

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Lighting Accessories

Here at Stage Concepts we have a large selection of Lighting accessories, including lighting power supplies, DMX cables, DMX controllers and software, flight cases and rain covers. 

DMX Controllers and Software

From small physical DMX controllers to full universe software controlled systems including DMX interface. If you require more control over your lighting show we can help design and install the right system for your venue or roadshow. Our technicians have years of industry experience in designing and installing lighting systems for nightclubs, stadiums and theatres, all controlled from a simple DMX controller or a software based system.

DMX software

We have a range of software based systems available, from small 128 channel dongle interfaces to large full universe systems. Shows can be created and played back on request simply at the click of a mouse. Software options include Daslight, Sunlite and Chauvet’s ShowXpress. 

For more information regarding DMX or any of our lighting accessories please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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