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Smoke Machines

For dramatic effects at events, on stage or even at parties, carefully controlled smoke at just the right moment is very impressive. This is especially true when you bounce strobe and laser lights off the clouds and wisps. Smoke Machines will create incredible mystery and magic.

There’s an important word in that description though – controlled. Cheap and basic smoke machines can actually devalue your big moment. That’s because poor quality equipment creates plumes of fog that obscure vision, which could lead to an unpleasant overall effect. You might even leave your audience gasping for air!

Why use a pro fog machine for smoke effects?

You need to get the right smoke equipment, to make your event or production go with a “bang”! Professional smoke machines from Stage Concepts are designed to be easy to use and simple to operate, in a well-planned way. They have various levels of sophistication, including options for you to leave them on continuous mode, sending out measured amounts of smoke. Alternatively, some of our machines can be timed to do their stuff at the perfect point in your presentation or performance. Professional entertainers, DJs, event organisers and theatre producers can use a portable smoke machines for the “wow” effect, or to create an incredible atmosphere.

How do smoke machines work?

So, how does this type of special effects equipment help you to make fake fog and smoke? It uses various chemical ingredients to create a fine mist or gas, to simulate smoke or fog. Incidentally, some outdated versions generate harmful CO2 and should be avoided. Others are “dry ice” machines. Stocking and running them involves handling frozen chunks that are unpleasant to touch and have the potential to cause damage. Stage Concepts supplies modern and intuitive smoke generators. These are a highly advanced version of a fog machine but still priced to be affordable. Our carefully selected and tested models rely on low-impact Smokefluid. The well-calibrated machines vaporise this, and fan it out to great effect. The resulting smoke is safe for you to breathe and leaves no residue. It’s even environmentally sound! We stock this Smokefluid, so you can use as much as you need in one of our fair-priced, high-performance smoke generating machines.

Safety and smoke machines

Among the common questions about special effects equipment is “Can smoke machines be harmful?”, or worse still, “Can smoke machines be dangerous?”. Any poorly made or badly functioning equipment represents a potential hazard! However, a smoke or fog machine from Stage Concepts provides the reassurance of safe operation and harmless results. All our portable smoke machines are fully compliant with relevant legislation and they are also insurable.

Sweet smell of event success

To make an even greater lasting impression at your event or product promotion, you could include perfumed scents into your controllable smoke machine. The specially formulated additives stocked by Stage Concepts include mint, coco, strawberry and vanilla. Your audience gets all the atmosphere and drama of seeing smoke, but also catches a pleasing aroma to doubly delight them! Browse our range of portable smoke machines to choose the one with the functionality you need. Alternatively, get in touch so we can provide free advice on the best special effects equipment for you.

Frequently Asked...

Can smoke machines be used indoors?

All of our smoke machines operate with a non-toxic water-based fluid which is safe for use around children and animals. It can be used indoors with no problem. The only unknown factor with indoor usage is if the room has smoke detectors fitted, and the type fitted. Some will react to smoke machines and some won't, and its something that has to be tested and established at that particular venue.

What is better a fog machine or a smoke machine

The choice between a fog machine and a smoke machine depends on the desired effect and purpose. A fog machine typically produces a dense, low-lying fog that enhances visual appeal and creates an eerie ambiance, commonly used in theatrical performances and haunted houses. On the other hand, a smoke machine generates a lighter, more dispersed smoke suitable for enhancing lighting effects and creating a hazy atmosphere, commonly used in concerts and events. Ultimately, the decision comes down to the specific application and the desired aesthetic outcome.

Are smoke machines bad for you

Smoke machines, when used responsibly and in well-ventilated areas, are generally considered safe for short-term use. However, prolonged exposure to the chemicals and particles emitted by smoke machines may have potential health risks. The smoke generated by these machines typically contains glycol or mineral oil-based fluids, which can irritate the respiratory system and exacerbate existing respiratory conditions. It is important to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions, use them in adequately ventilated spaces, and avoid direct inhalation of the smoke to minimise any potential health hazards.

Do smoke machines set off alarms?

Smoke machines can potentially set off smoke alarms, especially if used in close proximity to them or in enclosed spaces with sensitive fire detection systems. The smoke produced by these machines is designed to mimic real smoke, and if it reaches the smoke detectors, it may trigger the alarm. It is important to be cautious and consider the location of smoke machines in relation to smoke alarms. To avoid false alarms, it's advisable to consult with venue managers or event organisers to ensure proper placement and coordination with fire safety measures.

Do smoke machines use a lot of power?

Smoke machines typically use a moderate amount of power. The power consumption of a smoke machine can vary depending on factors such as the size and model of the machine, as well as the intensity and duration of its operation. Generally, smoke machines range from around 400 watts to 1500 watts. It's worth noting that the power consumption is highest during the initial heating phase when the machine is warming up the fluid to generate smoke. Once the desired operating temperature is reached, the power usage typically decreases.

Do smoke machines leave a mess?

The smoke produced by these machines is typically created by heating a special fluid, which can result in a thin layer of residue settling on nearby surfaces. This residue is usually non-toxic and can be easily cleaned with proper maintenance and cleaning techniques. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance to minimise any potential mess and ensure the longevity of the machine.

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