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Low Fog Machines

For a multitude of different events and stage productions, the best way to create incredible atmosphere is to use a low lying fog machine. A professional low fog machines is entirely different to a budget smoke/ice machine. It is a professional piece of kit that puts you in control of the special effects you create.

If you need the fog-effect to roll across the stage, or to hug the floor in your venue, then this is the machine to make that happen. Intuitive controls keep the fluid-based fog at a low level, which creates fog or smoke that is dramatic and memorable, with no nasty surprises! Please click here you should require any further information.

Affordable to run Low Fog machines 

There are important advantages to using a low smoke machine, rather than dry ice equipment. For one thing, a low fog machine would cost less to set up and run. A dry ice machine often relies on potentially hazardous CO2 emissions to create thick white fog.

All of the low fog machines we supply are designed and manufactured to turn special smoke fluid into measured clouds of mist. The end product is harmless and looks like fog or smoke. The products from Stage Concepts – such as the BeamZ S3500 – come ready to use. You will receive simple instructions and all the after-sales support you need. Our low smoke machines are engineered to be 100% controllable and reliable. You can time when the fog effect happens to match your needs.

Our equipment also offers the ability to operate continuously. You can set the fog and fan controls, then leave the special effect equipment to “work its magic”. Add in an LCD display and a wireless remote control and you have stress-free production of controllable fog or smoke. Our models can be used on the floor or on a truss, and they are fully compliant and insurable for use at your type of event or product launch.

Always use professional low smoke machines with the right high performance pro-smoke fluid. The type we supply is a non-toxic, water-based solution, ensuring it leaves no residue and is entirely safe to breathe in.

What could you use a low level fog machine for?

Here is the truly inspiring part of all this. These machines are so versatile and controllable that you can let your creativity run free! For Halloween events, a low smoke machine is a must. To create the right atmosphere for your amateur dramatics performance or some other theatre production, they are ideal.

They also offer a memorable way for speakers to make an entrance at corporate events, or a novel way to showcase your new product with impact. Mobile DJs and party venues will find them safe and pleasant to use, but also a great talking point! Place an order soon, so you don’t feel you “mist” out on a great opportunity to create a highly controllable special effect.

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