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Circular Truss Systems

Off the shelf and custom circular truss systems. Constructed using either ladder, triangle or quad truss depending on your requirement. Our arched and circular truss systems are supplied modular for easy installation. Generally used for lighting rigs in venues and clubs, our circular truss system can also be used for trade shows and custom projects.

Stage concepts have available single curved truss lengths to complete custom circles with varying radius dimensions, from simple decorative pieces made from ladder truss to heavyweight quad systems with loadings that can manage any lighting rig.

Frequently Asked...

What is circular truss?

Circular truss systems consist of multiple curved truss sections to create a full circle that can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the floor for a range of different purposes. We offer circular truss systems with ladder, triangle and square trusses.

How can aluminium truss circles be used?

Circular aluminium truss systems are mostly used for suspending effect lighting in music venues and clubs. They are also ideal for trade shows and custom projects.

What is the best type of circular truss?

The best circular truss system will depend on what you are intending to use it for. For example, we offer small or large round lighting truss systems for different sized venues, and we provide ladder, triangle or quad truss packages which are all ideal for suspending different weights.

What are the advantages of circle truss systems?

Circle truss systems are ideal for suspending lighting units in music venues and clubs, due to the weight being evenly distributed across each truss section. The constructed circle of aluminium truss can be hung from the ceiling with clamps and safety wires, which is space-efficient compared to floor-standing systems.

How do I assemble circle truss systems?

Our circular truss systems are supplied modular for simple construction. Each curved section is locked together using the included couplers, spigots and safety springs. You can then use lifting towers or raising systems to hang the constructed circle with your mounted equipment loaded safely.

What’s the difference between ladder, triangle and quad circle truss systems?

The main difference between our circular truss systems are whether they consist of ladder, triangle or quad truss. Ladder trusses have two main tubes, triangle trusses have three main tubes and quad trusses have four. These all have different weight loading capacities, making them each suitable for different requirements.

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