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Stage Deck Packages

Modular stage deck packages come in a wide variety of designs. All our stage systems are based around an aluminium frame design. Therefore they are hard wearing yet extremely lightweight, being only 12kg per 1x1m panther platform.

In addition to ultra lightweight modular stage systems we have a standard heavy duty systems. In comparison our standard stage deck packages are a little heavier at 18.1Kg per 1x1m Stage Platform. However, 18.1kg is still extremely light and portable considering the max loading of 750kg/m2.

Due to the modular construction, our stage systems are very versatile. For instance, they can be used to create drum risers, choir risers, winning podiums, circular stages etc. In addition we can help design and install custom modular stage systems. For the most part custom systems can be created using our off the shelf stage platform. However, we can fabricated any shape or size required.

Particularly convenient is the range of stage deck package accessories available, these include, clamps, handrails, steps, skirts and chairs. The accessories can be used to create different types of stage structures. For example handrails and chairs can be used to create Choir Risers.

For more information on our off the shelf Modular systems, or help designing a stage system Click Here

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