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Sound systems have moved forward significantly, with major enhancements in digital amplification, cabinetry and finishing materials, and new procedures in acoustic research and development helping to achieve qualities of sound performance and build that were simply not possible even just in the last decade.

Covering all possible budgets and catering from the smallest portable sound system to the largest arena line array sound system, our favoured manufacturers are all heritage based speaker brands and have decades of award winning designs and proven engineering in the pro audio world, giving the performance and reliability that we can recommend with confidence to our customers.

Stage Concepts have selected the finest sound systems, speakers and amplifiers the professional sound industry has to offer in order to give our customers the highest quality, latest technological innovations and custom finishing options that are only available from the best brands.

Amate Audio

Most well known for their amplifier and signal processing under the Master Audio name, the Amate name has been responsible for many innovations and design firsts that have impacted the entire sound industry. They were the first manufacturer to feature built in clip limiting circuits into its amplifiers, the first to offer a 3 channel amplifier with active crossover , and actually in 1995 were the first manufacturer to offer active PA cabs, which is now the standard format across the professional PA world.

Amate have always been one step ahead due to their expert R&D team always pushing into new technological grounds. The Active Line Array they offered in 2005 was the worlds first Array speaker system to feature remote DSP control via an RS485 connection, which has evolved throughout the last decade to being a wireless Wi-Fi based (control over IP) setup and was one of the first DSP control software interfaces to use the iPad tablet for access.

Amate’s proprietary control software, DSP Studio, gives full system setup with control over, gain, polarity, limiters, full parametric EQ, band filters, speaker grouping and crossover control. It also gives visual information on input and output signals, clip and protection systems, and even the heat sink temperature of each amplifier module.

Amate’s current product range covers everything from entry level and mid level PA systems of the KEY and JOKER series, up to the high performance Xcellence Disco series of passive installation cabs and arrays for Club use, then onto the Xcellence Active series which includes the ground breaking X12CLA ‘Cluster Array’ speaker system which close the gap between standard PA and Line Array.

For 2018 we have the stunning high power NíTiD range of active and passive point source speakers in both traditional single woofer and column array designs with complimenting Subwoofers.


RCF have been a world leader in audio design and speaker technology for over 60 years. Their speaker systems have started market trends and created completely new sectors through their dedication to constant research and development at their home in Italy.

RCF have invented advanced transducer and loudspeaker technologies that have found their way into products all over the world. Their groundbreaking designs have been borrowed, copied, cloned and stolen, and have influenced whole generations of passive and active sound system design from budget to high end.

When you choose RCF you are buying into a heritage and level of quality that is unrivalled in the industry. The speaker systems offered today are the end result of decades of testing, both on the benches of the factory laboratories and from on the road feedback from users, so represent the culmination of both what’s technically possible yet practical and functional in real world usage.

RCF transducers and drivers have found their way into many well known brands and market leaders over the years, with some claiming the technological advancements and capabilities as their own while other have used the inclusion of the RCF components and brand as an assurance of quality.

Its ART speakers in both 3 series and 7 series are now both in their third generations, with each update pushing the boundaries of performance and quality whilst remaining at an affordable price point.

RCF are leaders in festival Line Array speaker systems, 100v line installation systems, building tannoy systems and are one of the worlds largest OEM transducer manufacturers.

Moose Sound

MOOSE sound is an European brand, 100% developed and manufactured in Europe. Parent company Pro-Factor have been in the design and manufacturing of OEM professional Audio & Lighting equipment for over 25 years.

Taking advantage of all the experience and know how acquired over the years, Pro-Factor decided to push things further and develop a new professional and consumer audio products range – Moose Sound.

All Moose Sound products are developed and manufactured “in house”, built and assembled with the finest European components and parts offering its customers reliable, cost-effective systems featuring elegant design and rugged construction, truly providing “turnkey” solutions.

“A thirst for innovation and changing the game has been our “raison d’être” from the word go, created on the principle of fearlessness, willing to “go the extra mile” to offer cost-effective European products, developed and assembled in Europe, helping our customers achieve their objectives”.

Moose Sound are built using the finest quality Pascal Amplifier Modules (Denmark) and Beyma Speaker Drivers (Spain)

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