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Tower Lift

Stage concepts have been supplying lifting towers and tower winch systems, truss lifts and line array lift towers to the market since 2008. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the wide variety of winch stands, lifting towers and chain hoists types available, and through this experience have chosen the industry leading product ranges of Block & Block and Fantek as our go-to suppliers for their outright quality and continued innovation and product development.

Lifting towers have many applications, from the most basic use as a speaker stand that can be height adjusted, a simple hand crank operated T Bar light setup, to the more professional heavier usage in the lifting and positioning of lighting gantries and follow spots, and the lifting of large sound systems and trussing sections.

Truss lighting rig with lifting towers
Line array lifting tower system

There are many types of lifting towers available, some universal use and some designed for more specific jobs. Manual stands, wind up stands, rack and pinion stands, gantry winch stands, telescopic stands and industrial cable winch lifts, all fall under the category of towers and lifting systems, so knowing what’s right for your particular task can often be confusing.

Line Array Lift Tower

You can use lift towers for raising and positioning of trussing, speaker systems, line array systems, display screens and many other applications. They are invaluable tools for the professional user and provide both time saving and safety when setting up and taking down any event.

Depending on the type and its loading capacity and design, the towers can either be used simply as constructional lifting tools, or as a permanent support unit.

Lifting towers for boxing ring truss lighting
Line array truss lighting with lifting towers

Large line array speaker systems can either be raised and mounted onto a trussing setup, or they can be flown directly from the lifting tower itself if its specification allows. With the standard x shaped leg configuration, lifting towers are perfect for Line Arrays as the subwoofer units can be located between the front tower legs which puts its directly below the main Array stack.

Truss Lift

Truss lifts are an invaluable tool for all Truss and Trussing based jobs. The give you the ability to perform all the wiring and clamping at a safe and comfortable ground level, then raise the fully loaded sections into position.  Used in pairs, or in quads, you can use lifting towers as your permanent uprights when setting up a stage or lighting rig, or they can be used to raise the trussing high enough for fixed truss uprights to be put into place then the rig lowered down and secured.

The other benefit of using lifting towers as the stage uprights is the ability to set the total height in increments. With standard fixed length truss sections being limited to set dimensions, the use of towers gives you ultimate flexibility to alter the total rig height, which is especially useful for indoor setups where ceiling heights differ.

The rigid structure and height capabilities of lifting towers also makes them ideal for use as portable floodlighting masts and for CCTV as lighting fixtures and cameras are easily attached to the towers head section.

Winches & Hoists

Stage Concepts offer a selection of both manual and electric cable winches and lifting hoists.

Ideal for the easy raising and lowering of lighting truss and in general truss system construction.

We have lighter duty 240v electric cable winches for occasional users, and heavier duty scaffold cable hoists for professional users which are available in site friendly 110v versions.

Options include wireless remote control units on some models for convenient operation at height.

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