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Smoke Machines

Smoke machines can be snapped up for under £25 for a small home party design unit. Its a must have item for anyone wishing to get the best from any effects lighting.

Though they are fun, these budget party style smoke machines simply aren’t designed for the demands of professional work, and that’s where a far more substantial unit finds its calling.

Rated by pump power and output volume, a smoke machine for regular use in medium to large venues should be a minimum of at least 1500W to be truly effective whilst staying efficient. Its one of the few items that bigger does equal better.

Smaller smoke machines will of course eventually fill a large space if left on, but the strain on the pump and heater will see them live a very short working life.

Haze Machine

A haze machine is identical to a smoke machine, other than the design of the output nozzle. They work the same way, and use the same fluid.

The difference between a smoke machine and haze machine comes from how they disperse the smoke into the air.

A smoke machine delivers a dense blast from its small nozzle, with the smoke exiting in a large plume that’s near conical in shape. This helps it travel as far as possible into the space before it starts to disperse.

A haze machine has a much wider ‘letterbox’ style nozzle which delivers the output in a wide spread which disperses quickly into a thin mist.

Haze is a much more subtle effect, and is great for giving enough density for lighting effects without being overbearing, making it the preferred choice for weddings and functions where an equal mix of atmosphere and visibility is desirable.

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