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Heavy Duty Stage Deck Legs

Stage legs for use with all of our heavy-duty stage platforms. These simple stage deck legs utilise a push fitment with quick clamp tightening fitted to the underside of every stage platform. They provide a high level of stability and weight loading while offering great value and the ability to quickly change the working height of your stage system.

Round Stage Legs

Our standard stage leg that's supplied with all of the tiered seating packages and heavy-duty stage systems, these high-quality T6 grade aluminium tubular legs feature a 48mm diameter with 3mm wall thickness giving them immense strength. They come fitted with a durable nylon end cap to protect flooring. Supplied in packs of four, these stage legs are available in heights from 20cm up to 100cm, in 10cm increments. They are also available with an adjustable foot which provides 3cm of range for easier levelling on uneven surfaces.

Square Stage Legs

For certain situations or visual requirements, a square leg of box leg is preferred over the standard tube leg, and we have a full range of smooth-finish square legs available to fit all of our heavy-duty stage systems. Made from 60mm x 60mm aluminium with nylon end caps, these stylish stage deck legs come in the same range of fixed heights as the round option, or as a telescopic design with a variable height setting.

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