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Professional LED powered Par Cans for mobile use or installation. From Theatres and Bars, Clubs and Live Music Venues, the Par Can is still the favoured lighting unit for so many situations.

As with all effects lighting of recent years, the switch over to LED from lamps has allowed the introduction of plastic casings to take the place of metal due to the lack of heat they generate. This also means that IP rated weatherproof Par Cans are now easily available too, perfect for grounds lighting at wedding venues and public events.

Par Cans range from the simple single colour units to full multicolour systems, and come in a selection of specifications to suit your particular needs. Features such as DMX control, sound to light response and wireless remote controls are also joined with our battery powered models for ultimate convenience of placement.

Our range of Par Cans from Beam Professional and Chauvet covers every type of Par you could possibly need.

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