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Moving Heads

Stage Concepts are lighting specialists, and we are happy to guide you through any choices and decision making, to ensure you purchase exactly the right Moving Heads for your specific needs.

We offer a full range of automated lighting effects for use in many different situations and locations. They can be permanently installed in solo or fully linked DMX programmed shows, or cased and used for mobile requirements. Either way, they will add a depth of colour and throw that simply isn't possible with any static lighting system.

The latest range of Moving Heads are more portable than ever before, featuring composite plastic casings for huge weight reductions, which also greatly extends the working life of the motors and gearing. The LED lamps produce virtually no heat, allowing some units to be sealed completely for IP ratings suitable for outdoor use.

Moving Head Lighting

We have the very latest Moving Head systems from BeamZ Professional, offering a wide choice of single or multi-coloured outputs at various power ratings and price points to cover all possible requirements.

Here we have a wide selection of moving head stage lights that are designed to elevate your event or performance to the next level. With their innovative features and superior performance, these moving heads are a must-have for any professional lighting setup.

Our moving head stage lights come in various models, each offering its unique capabilities to suit different requirements. Whether you need precise beam control, vibrant colour mixing, or stunning visual effects, we have the perfect moving head to meet your needs.

Moving Head Versatility and Adjustability

One of the key advantages of our moving heads is their versatility. They are highly adjustable, allowing you to create dynamic lighting designs and effects. With their pan and tilt functionality, you can precisely position the light beams and cover a wide area of the stage. This flexibility enables you to highlight performers, create captivating visuals, and enhance the overall atmosphere of your event.

Another noteworthy feature of our moving heads is their exceptional light output. They are equipped with high-intensity bulbs that produce bright and vivid colours, ensuring that your stage is beautifully illuminated. Whether you are hosting a concert, theatrical production, or corporate event, these moving heads will deliver stunning lighting effects that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Moving Head Reliability and Durability

We understand the importance of reliability in live events. That's why our moving head stage lights are built to withstand the rigours of professional use. Constructed with durable materials, they are designed to endure extensive touring and regular performances without compromising on performance.

In addition to their impressive performance, our moving heads are also user-friendly. They feature intuitive controls and can be easily integrated into your existing lighting setup. With advanced programming options, you can create customised lighting scenes and sequences, allowing you to perfectly synchronise the lighting with the music or the mood of your event.

Frequently Asked...

What is a moving head light

A moving head light refers to a type of stage lighting fixture that is capable of dynamic movement and versatility. It typically consists of a controllable lamp or LED source mounted on a motorised base, allowing the light to pan, tilt, and change position during a performance. Moving head lights are widely used in concerts, theatres, and events to provide a range of lighting effects, including spotlights, colour changes, gobo projections, and intricate movements, adding depth, excitement, and visual impact to the stage or venue.

What are the different types of moving head lights?

There is a wide array of moving head lights with unique characteristics and functionalities. Spot Moving Heads emit a focused light beam that can be adjusted for size and sharpness. Wash Moving Heads, on the other hand, produce a broad and even wash of light, perfect for illuminating larger spaces or creating smooth colour gradients. Beam Moving Heads generate narrow and concentrated beams of light, enabling precise and dramatic lighting effects. Hybrid Moving Heads combine spot and wash features, offering versatility with the ability to switch between narrow beams and broad washes. LED Moving Heads utilise energy-efficient LED technology, providing a vast colour range, customizable effects, and longer life spans compared to traditional lamp-based moving heads. These examples represent only a fraction of the diverse variations and combinations available in the market, catering to various lighting needs and artistic visions.

How do moving heads work?

Moving heads operate through a combination of motorised mechanisms, internal electronics, and control systems. They have motorised pan and tilt mechanisms for horizontal and vertical movements controlled by stepper motors or servos. Light sources, such as lamps or LEDs, are controlled through internal electronics for adjusting intensity, colour, and other parameters. Control signals from a lighting console or DMX controller provide information about position, intensity, colour, etc. Moving heads typically use the DMX protocol for communication, allowing them to be connected in a daisy-chain setup. They can be programmed for complex movements and effects using lighting control software, and synchronisation with music or performances is possible. This versatility makes moving heads valuable for creating captivating lighting designs in various settings.

What is the difference between a moving head beam and spot?

The main difference between a moving head beam and spot is the type of light they produce and their function. Moving head beams create a concentrated beam of light with a sharp edge and high intensity. They are used for dramatic effects, projecting defined beams, and highlighting areas or performers. Beam moving heads have features like variable beam size, focus control, prism effects, and high-speed movement. Moving head spots produce adjustable light beams for size, sharpness, and softness. They illuminate specific areas or objects with a spotlight effect. Spot moving heads have zoom, iris control, interchangeable gobos, and offer a wider range of lighting possibilities. They highlight elements on the stage.

What are the advantages of moving head lights?

Moving head lights are highly versatile and sought-after lighting fixtures. They offer advantages like flexibility, adjustability, and precise positioning through motorised pan and tilt functions. Lighting designers can create dynamic designs with beam angles, colour changes, gobo projections, and intricate movements. These lights save space, energy (especially with LED technology), and can be easily integrated into existing systems. They add an interactive element by tracking performers or moving objects, and synchronisation ensures cohesive lighting arrangements. Moving head lights are popular for stage lighting, concerts, events, and other applications requiring impactful and versatile designs.

What are moving heads used for?

They are extensively employed in stage lighting for theatres, concert venues, and live performances, adding spotlighting, colour effects, gobo projections, and movement to elevate the visual impact of the show. Corporate functions, product launches, fashion shows, and award ceremonies also rely on moving heads to establish immersive lighting environments and set the desired ambiance. Architectural lighting utilises moving heads to emphasise buildings, monuments, and structures, highlighting architectural features and creating dynamic lighting displays. Nightclubs and DJ sets energise the dance floor with vibrant beams, fast movements, and synchronised effects using moving heads. Moreover, they play a crucial role in television and film productions, offering controllable lighting for different scenes. These examples illustrate the extensive range of applications for moving head lights, showcasing their versatility and significance in the realm of lighting design.

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