BeamZ Panther 60R Moving Head Beam with LED Light Ring – 60W


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The BeamZ Panther 60R moving head beam light is a powerful and professional lighting solution, perfect for clubs, bars, mobile DJs and stage performances. It features a 60W LED that produces a concentrated beam with a 5-degree angle, with RGBW colour mixing capabilities. This is surrounded by an eye-catching LED ring with RGB colour mixing. There is a choice of operation modes to suit all applications, including pre-set programs, sound-reactivity, and DMX control.

A 60W LED means that this DJ moving head light produces a powerful and intense beam. With RGBW colour mixing technology a vast variety of colours can be achieved, ideal for any event. The unit also offers a wide scope of movement with 540-degree pan and 180-degree tilt capabilities, ensuring both horizontal and vertical reach. The LED ring around the main beam adds an extra layer of visual appeal with its RGB mixing and independent segment control, creating striking effects.

This LED moving light is also simple to operate, with a plug-and-play setup. It includes automatic programs with variable speed, and a sound-sensitive mode, which causes the lighting effect to react with the rhythm of the music. This feature is ideal for performers and DJs looking for a quick setup so they can focus on their show.

For those seeking more tailored lighting control, this unit supports DMX with 13 or 15 channel options and a 3-pin XLR DMX input/output. This enables detailed control over aspects such as brightness, strobe effects, colour blends, and motion, tailoring the lighting to the specific requirements of each event. Additionally, it offers master/slave synchronisation for coordinated effects when using multiple units, ideal for large setups.

In summary, the BeamZ Panther 60R stands out as a powerful and versatile lighting option. Its bright output, variety of colours and movements, and multiple operating modes make it a great choice for DJs, performers, clubs and stages. It guarantees to elevate the ambience in any event space.

Key Details

  • Powerful LED moving light, perfect for stages, bars, clubs, performers and DJs
  • Features 60W LED with RGBW colour mixing, providing an extensive variety of colours
  • LED effect ring with RGB colour mixing and independently controllable sections
  • Automatic programs and sound activation mode with variable sensitivity
  • Suitable for DMX control, with 13 and 15 DMX channels, and 3-pin XLR input/output
  • Master/slave mode enables production of synchronised shows with multiple units
  • 2 year extended warranty

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BeamZ Panther 60R Moving Head Beam with LED Light Ring – 60W

In Stock

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