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Subwoofer Speakers

Even the very best full range loudspeakers will struggle to provide bass below a certain frequency, and pushing them to do so will cause the midrange to suffer badly and likely cause driver damage.

It’s simple physics and mechanics that the main woofer cannot perform the large travel required by subsonics and still be providing the more restrained movement for the rest of the signal. This often extreme cone movement also requires a lot of current from the amplifier, and can cause an excess of heat buildup making the unit suffer and often fail.

A dedicated subwoofer is designed specifically to produce just those lower frequencies. The woofers are custom built to withstand the long cone travel and to vent the excess heat buildup from the coil. The cabinets are tuned to enhance the woofers sound by channeling or venting the excess air which relieves the negative pressure from the rear of the speaker. 

Though you will find subwoofers in sizes as low as 8 inch, for serious PA usage you will be only really considering between 15 or 18 inch as standard, as anything less simply won’t produce the levels desired. 

Due to the electrical current required by the large diameter drivers at these low frequencies, most professional subwoofers will be rated at anything from 1000w up to 4000w, with either onboard amplification or often its own dedicated rack amplifier.

Subwoofers are run in mono, and set to reproduce any signal above or below the specified frequencies. Professional live PA subwoofers such as the Amate Audio units can be set as low as 30 Hz for truly outstanding sub bass performance.

Our selection of subwoofer systems are all in the mid to high performance level bracket, with both active and passive units in single 15”, 18” , dual 15”, dual 18” and a monstrous 21” unit for nightclub and arena use.

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