Lifting Towers

Line Array Towers, Winch Stands & Truss Lift Tower Stands

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Lifting Towers

Stage concepts have been supplying lifting towers and tower winch systems, truss lifts and line array lift towers to the market since 2008, and through this experience have chosen the industry leading product ranges of Block & Block and Fantek as our go-to suppliers for their outright quality and continued innovation and product development.

Lifting Towers have many applications, from the most basic use as a speaker stand that can be height adjusted, a simple hand crank operated T Bar light setup, to the more professional heavier usage in the lifting and positioning of lighting gantries and follow spots, and the lifting of large Line Array Sound Systems and trussing sections.

There are many types of lifting towers available, some universal use and some designed for more specific jobs. Manual stands, wind up stands, rack and pinion stands, gantry winch stands, telescopic stands and industrial cable winch lifts all fall under the category of towers and lifting systems, so knowing what's right for your particular task can often be confusing, which is where we are on hand to ensure you make the correct choice.

All lifting tower units are built to the highest specification of materials quality and features, and all meet the stringent safety regulations set by Dekra that's required for equipment of this type.

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