SIGMA-40 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 150kg – Max 4,7m


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SIGMA-40 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 150kg – Max 4,7m

The Block & Block SIGMA-40 is a robust lifting tower that allows truss and line array audio systems to be fixed at a higher height for better performance during your events. Because of the two base wheels and the handle in the middle of the lift, it is exceptionally easy to move around and can be used for a variety of occasions.

This truss lift has a four-part telescopic ground support system that ensures no wobbling once constructed. Each of the line array lift’s four boom legs may be extended from the main frame and each one has rubber feet to prevent wobbling.

This line array lift tower has a sleek finish that is neutral to the style of whatever place it is utilised in, thanks to its powder coated steel. The lift also has an epoxy coating that protects it from corrosion and allows it to be utilised in an outside setting for long periods of time.

The SIGMA-40 lifting tower is extremely versatile and easily adjustable for various applications, operating between a minimum height of 1.5m and a maximum height of 4.7m. Each height choice contains safety bolts that ensure the tower stays securely in place once your equipment is mounted and elevated to the right height level.

This truss lifting tower’s four bottom boom legs each have a completely adjustable spindle and plate, making them adaptable to any floor surface. This design provides excellent anchoring and stability while being simple to set up, making it ideal for stage or floor applications on uneven surfaces.

Key Details

  • Truss lifting tower
  • Four-part telescopic ground support design
  • Powder-coated steel with an epoxy coating
  • Safety bolts on each height for sturdy operation
  • Booms with adjustable spindles and plates
  • 2-Year extended warranty


  • Maximum height – 4,7m
  • Height folded – 1,49m
  • Maximum load – 150kg


  • Weight – 36kg
Weight 36 kg

Stage Truss Lift Tower
SIGMA-40 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 150kg – Max 4,7m

In Stock

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