OMEGA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 200kg – Max 6,25m


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OMEGA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 200kg – Max 6,25m

The OMEGA-50 truss lifting tower from Block & Block is an industry leading product ideal for many live applications. With a durable yet portable construction, it can be used for temporary events both indoors and outdoors and easily set up without the need for additional tools and equipment.

A maximum height of 6.25m is offered for elevating your lighting and truss gantries to a desired level, with height-extensions divided between five sections. Operating on a geared crank handle, the winch system extends in multiple stages with individual locking pins that can be removed to allow height adjustments and then mechanically lock back into place to prevent slipping.

For added security, the base of the lifting tower has four extended boom arms and secure locking bolts for high-quality ground support without the risk of falling over. A built-in water level gauge ensures a correct vertical position with a consistent balance across the whole system.

With a thick 6mm steel rope, truss and line array lifting during live performances is possible in order to enhance the coverage of audio in indoor and outdoor environments. The winch system features an automatic holding brake to prevent elevated equipment free-falling when lowering it.

The weatherproof carbon steel build has an epoxy coating to reduce the risk of corrosion, therefore extending the longevity of outdoor usage. Fitted non-slip rubber base wheels make the OMEGA-50 extremely easy to move into the desired spot as well as transport from venue to venue. In addition to this, the tower compacts down with a foldable design for added convenience during transport.

Key Details

  • Lifting tower with five ground support arms with locking bolts to secure the base area
  • 6 mm steel rope with rotating winch handle and automatic holding brake, maximum 200kg load
  • Locking pin mechanism to secure the lift tower at different sections preventing it from slipping down
  • Epoxy coating prevents corrosion for suitable outdoor use, robust base wheels for easy transport and moving
  • Water level built-in to ensure correct vertical position of lifted truss, line arrays and lighting gantries
  • 2 year extended warranty


  • Maximum height – 6,25m
  • Height folded – 1,59m
  • Maximum load – 200kg


  • Weight – 110kg
Weight 110 kg

Stage Truss Lifting Tower
OMEGA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 200kg – Max 6,25m

In Stock

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