SIGMA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 120kg – Max 5m


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SIGMA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 120kg – Max 5m

The Block & Block SIGMA-50 lifting tower is a highly robust truss and line array lift that makes raising various equipment during your events quick and easy. This truss lift is ideal for raising equipment such as truss and line array audio systems during professional applications, with a 120kg maximum weight loading capacity and a maximum height of 5m above three sections.

The SIGMA-50 line array lift is simple to construct and secure on the ground thanks to its three-part telescopic ground support design. The four legs that extend from the lift’s main structure include locking bolts and completely adjustable spindles, allowing them to be readily adapted to any flooring while ensuring excellent stability and no wobbling once assembled.

This lifting tower has a maximum height of 5 metres, with safety bolts on all heights so you may lock the tower in place once it reaches your desired height. The extending tower’s locking construction as well as the several height options makes it easily adaptable to many settings and events with variable needs, guaranteeing that your lighting and line array systems are in the best possible position to work effectively.

This truss lift’s thick 4mm steel rope is exceptionally robust, allowing substantial weights to be installed on the lift while still being easily adjustable to attain varied heights. The lift itself has an epoxy coating that protects it from corrosion and allows it to be utilised in an outdoor setting extensively without any damage occurring.

The two wheels at the bottom of the lift, as well as the handle in the middle, make this line array lifting tower exceedingly easy to move after it is retracted. The lift can be pulled effortlessly over any floor surface after all of the legs are retracted and the tower height is adjusted to the minimal level, making it ideal for small or big events where it has to be moved around freely.

Key Details

  • Durable lifting tower
  • Three-part telescopic ground level support
  • Locking bolts and rubber feet to stay in place when in use
  • 4mm steel rope to ensure sturdy operation
  • Easily portable once retracted using the handle and wheels
  • 120kg max weight loading capacity
  • 5m maximum height level
  • 2-Year extended warranty


  • Maximum height – 5m
  • Height folded – 1,90m
  • Maximum load – 120kg


  • Weight – 35kg
Weight 35 kg

Stage Truss Lifting Tower
SIGMA-50 Truss/Line Array Lifting Tower – Max 120kg – Max 5m

In Stock

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