SC Snap Light Truss Clip – Black


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Introducing the innovative Snap Light Truss Clip, a must-have lighting truss accessory for your sound and lighting setup. This clever device provides an easy, tidy and secure solution for managing your cables, eliminating the need for traditional cable ties.

Designed to fit aluminium truss systems with a 48-51mm diameter, this versatile clip is compatible with most setups. It effortlessly attaches to truss, and your cables can then be simply clipped into place, streamlining the setup and breakdown process. This user-friendly design can be operated single-handedly, ideal for busy setups.

Unlike disposable cable ties, this truss clip is reusable, making it a superior alternative. Constructed from durable and resilient plastic material, it guarantees a long-lasting performance. Additionally, its black finish blends in seamlessly with black-coated truss systems, providing a discreet appearance.

In summary, the Snap Light Truss Clip is an essential accessory for lighting truss systems. It safely fastens cables to aluminium truss, providing a convenient and efficient cable management solution, and saving valuable time during both setup and breakdown.

Key Details

  • Black snap light truss clip for cable management
  • Cable guide to efficiently organise wiring
  • Designed for truss with a 48-51mm diameter
  • Quick and simple to operate and reusable
  • Sturdy and durable build

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SC Snap Light Truss Clip – Black

In Stock

Free delivery on orders over £30.00
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