lightweight staging

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Lightweight Staging

Stage concepts off a wide range of lightweight staging. Options include 1x1m and 2x1m light deck staging. Including non slip black hex and carpet finishes. All our lightweight modular staging has clamping options to create larger Platforms. Therefore you can create any size or shape stage platform required.

The Lightweight staging platforms are offered in a range of finish stage heights. For example, 20cm, 40cm or 60cm concertina stage risers. In addition custom finishes are available upon request. Our lightweight modular stages can be provided in a range of finishes including wood and veneers.

Furthermore there is a range of accessories available. These include handrails, steps and stage skirts. The main concept our ultra lightweight stage is its portability. For example the 1x1m stage platforms are only 55mm and 12kg, yet they have a max loading of 500kg/m2.

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