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Line Array

Line Array Speakers focus the sound into a very narrow pattern to avoid the wasted sound energy that comes from using standard speakers. Array speakers are constructed of identical loudspeaker units mounted in a line and fed in-phase to create a singular source. Used vertically, Line Array Modules give a narrow and defined vertical output with a wide horizontal spread, which is perfect for arenas as it gets the sound across the audience rather than up into the ceiling or the open air.

When height or lack of rigging doesn't permit the line array to be suspended, they will typically be stacked on top of the stage mounted subwoofer units or on the stage itself using a custom framework. The stacking of line array systems is common and convenient for smaller venues, and they require less vertical dispersion to cover the audience space, which results in the stack being near straight rather than the curve of a flown system.

Like all sound systems, the level of capability, features and design specifics change from brand to brand and at different cost levels. We are pleased to offer our customers a selection from RCF, D.A.S, Moose Sound and Amate Audio, who all deliver products of exceptional quality with features unique to that particular brands take on things, giving you the widest possible choice from the market at the best prices possible.

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