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Bubble Machines

Looking for the best professional bubble machine? Here at Stage Concepts, you will find a range of quality bubble machines from some of the leading manufacturers on the market. As well as bubble solution to use with the device.

Bubble machines are ideal for creating a flow of bubbles at live events, children’s parties, corporate events and weddings. All you need to do is ‘plug and play’. At the press of a button, you can have a stream of thousands of bubbles! Perfect for a family-friendly, fun spectacle which can add a real touch of class. Click here should you require any further information.

How does a bubble machine work?

A professional bubble machine is an incredibly user-friendly device. You just need to pour in some bubble solution, switch it on, and the machine will do the rest. Choose the best bubble machine and you should be able to enjoy an output of thousands of bubbles just from pressing a button. The mechanism works by forcing a flow of air through the wet rings which have been covered in the special bubble solution. A professional bubble machine typically works electrically and needs just a simple switch to function, providing there is sufficient power, and bubble solution.

Where are they used?

You might commonly associate a large bubble machine with a children's party, such is the affection which kids hold for the devices. However, despite being a firm favourite at events attended by youngsters, you will find that bubble machines also have a wide range of other uses. How about using them at weddings to add a splash of 'magic' to key moments during a ceremony or reception? Why stick with the same old confetti when bubbles can make a fun and memorable alternative? At corporate events too, you can use a professional bubble machine at strategic points during a live event. Utilise the thousands of bubbles to draw attention to a stage area, or another part of an event space.

Sports Arenas

And during live sports, the cascades of bubbles sent out by a large bubble machine can really add to the sense of occasion. Take West Ham United Football Club, the Premier League team. They use our bubble machines to generate a torrent of bubbles before kick off for games at the London Stadium. This is in honour of the club anthem, 'I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles'. But those aren't the only places where you can use bubble machines. You can also find them on film sets, charity events or promotional showpieces, where they can be a perfect 'attention grabber'. For the best bubble machine, look for a device which benefits from a durable and tough casing. Depending on where your power outlet is, and where you need to station the machine, beware of short cords. Less noisy machines offer an obvious advantage, and you should always read the instruction manual before you start. A lightweight bubble machine can be much easier to transport. Have a query about bubble machines, or perhaps there is a professional bubble machine you'd like to discuss? Feel free to give us a call.

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