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Moving Head Lights

Moving head fixtures have become smaller and much more affordable since the switch to LED power from the traditional lamps in many systems. 

The latest range of moving heads are more portable than ever before, featuring composite plastic casings for huge weight reductions, which also greatly extends the working life of the motors and gearing.

The LED lamps produce virtually no heat, allowing some units to be sealed completely for IP ratings suitable for outdoor use.

Working via pre-programmed shows or linked via DMX, a professional moving head is always an impressive addition to any lighting system, be it for installation in a bar or club, or for the mobile DJ looking to enhance their lighting capabilities.

For larger corporate or wedding bookings, a pair of moving heads displayed proudly on truss plinths are always a talking point, and mesmerise with their graceful robotic movements.

Theatre Lighting

LED is definitely a game changer in the professional lighting industry, but is currently still no match for a high power discharge lamp system when it comes to the larger units.

Moving head fixtures designed for touring rigs and outdoor stages will use HID bulbs as they provide the immense light output required for stadiums and theatres.

We have the very latest Moving Head systems from industry leaders Chauvet and BeamZ Professional, offering a wide choice of single or multi coloured outputs at various power ratings and price points to cover all possible requirements.

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