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Lighting Truss Systems

Stage Concepts supply aluminium truss from all the major manufacturers such as Milos, Duratruss, Global truss, Alustage and Prolyte. We also offer our own custom UK truss manufacturing facilities. Therefore we can provide specialist and non-standard truss designs under our SC Pro brand.

We can advise you through the different grades of stage truss available and its suitability for whatever your requirement or situation may be, from a lightweight shop truss system to heavy-duty industrial stage truss rigging.

When it comes to creating a memorable event, lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and captivating the audience. We are a leading provider of truss systems in the UK. Our innovative and versatile truss solutions have revolutionised the event industry, enabling professionals to design captivating lighting arrangements that elevate any production.

Trussing is simply an invaluable tool for quickly creating a defined display area which is strong enough to support heavy equipment, and for providing secure mounting for curtains and advertising banners. Often hidden away behind screens and drapes, truss is the backbone of theatre and television production due to its flexibility and its ability to be altered quickly on the spot.

Custom lighting truss frame in white
Arena lighting truss system with speakers

Stage Truss Systems

Aluminium truss is found everywhere in our daily lives from fashion catwalks, car showrooms, exhibitions, live events, nightclubs, sporting events and just about every rock and pop stage show ever put on.

Standard and custom truss joining pieces, corner systems and intersections allow structures to be completely catered to fit your exact needs, be it an elaborate design or one that has to fit into a designated space.

A well-designed truss system serves as the backbone of any spectacular event production. It provides the necessary support and structure for hanging and arranging lighting fixtures, creating breathtaking visual displays. With this selection of truss for lighting, event organisers gain the flexibility to customise their lighting arrangements and experiment with various configurations. The ability to adjust height, width, and angles ensures that every event space can be transformed into a captivating spectacle, enhancing the overall atmosphere and immersing attendees in a truly unforgettable experience.

Indoor football custom lighting truss frame
Lighting truss for a fashion show

Stage Truss Design

Cutting-edge stage lighting truss systems are available, they are designed to meet the demands of even the most ambitious events. Constructed from high-quality materials such as aluminium, these trusses are lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy. This allows for easy installation and dismantling, saving valuable time during event setup. The advanced design ensures excellent load-bearing capabilities, enabling the suspension of heavy lighting fixtures without compromising safety. Whether it’s a small corporate function or a large-scale music festival, these truss systems for lighting provide the reliability and durability required for any event production.

Truss Versatility and Customization

With a wide range of truss types, including ladder, triangular, and square designs, event professionals can create unique lighting arrangements tailored to their specific needs. The modular nature of the trusses allows for seamless extension and customization, enabling designers to adapt the system to different event sizes and layouts. This versatility ensures that the truss can be utilised in various applications, from concerts and theatrical performances to trade shows and art installations.

Enhanced Safety Features of Aluminium Truss

Stage Concepts places utmost importance on safety, offering truss systems for lighting equipped with advanced features to ensure secure installations. Their trusses incorporate reliable connection methods, such as conical couplers and quick-lock mechanisms, guaranteeing stability and minimising the risk of accidents. Additionally, when purchasing you will be provided with comprehensive documentation, including user manuals and load tables, to assist event organisers in proper truss setup and usage. By prioritising safety,  event professionals are able to focus on delivering an exceptional experience while ensuring the well-being of both staff and attendees.

Professional Lighting Truss

These systems offer event organisers an unparalleled combination of innovation, versatility, and safety. By leveraging their cutting-edge designs, professionals can transform any event space into a captivating spectacle, immersing the audience in a visually stunning experience.

We can advise you through the different grades and ratings of truss available and the suitability of its usage for whatever your requirement may be. From a lightweight shop system to heavy duty industrial truss rigging that needs to be capable of supporting hundreds of kilograms worth of lighting and line array sound system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting truss is an aluminium framework used to support a range of equipment across a stage area. It is commonly used to mount lighting, audio and visual equipment, curtains and advertising banners.

Lighting truss can be seen everywhere, including; stage and television productions, concerts, exhibitions, clubs, fashion catwalks and shops. It can either be installed permanently or transported between venues, and a range of types are available to suit all requirements.

There are many different types of truss types available to suit various needs. These include, ladder, triangle and quad truss. We also offer pre-packaged truss systems which provide everything needed for set up.

Each type of truss is suitable for different purposes, for instance ladder truss is perfect for lightweight systems, such as supporting displays at an exhibition.

While quad truss is ideal for heavy duty rigging, so would be perfect for a stage production, and supporting extensive lighting and sound equipment.

The best type of lighting truss will depend on your requirements, for instance; weight load, size, portability, and usage.

We provide truss from major manufacturers, including Milos, Duratruss, Global truss, Alustage and Prolyte, and we also offer custom UK truss manufacturing facilities.

Our team at Stage Concepts would be happy to advise you on the different types of truss so you can find the best system for your needs.

Lighting equipment can be easily clamped to truss, using a suitable truss lighting clamp. We provide many variations of clamps and couplers to suit all truss types and loads of up to 500kg.

Our range includes simple G-clamps, half couplers, and more specialist swivel couplers. These clamps and couplers can easily fasten a variety of equipment to a trussing system.

The process of assembling truss systems varies depending on the brand and type. The majority of truss fits together using conical connections, with a locking pin and clip system to hold them in place.

Start by building the top section of your truss at ground level to create a frame. Next add the legs in sections to raise the frame up. To minimise the need for height access equipment, try to keep connections at a low level.

The weight load of lighting truss will vary significantly depending on the type of truss being used. For instance ladder truss is designed for lightweight equipment, while quad truss is suitable for heavy weight loading, and can support hundreds of kilograms worth of equipment.

Please contact our team at Stage Concepts for more information on weight loading.

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