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Lighting Truss Systems

Stage Concepts supply aluminium lighting truss from all the major manufacturers such as Milos, Duratruss, Global truss, Alustage and Prolyte. We also offer our own custom UK truss manufacturing facilities. Therefore we can provide specialist and non standard truss designs under our SC Pro brand.

We can advise you through the different grades of stage truss available and its suitability for whatever your requirement or situation may be, from a lightweight shop truss system to heavy duty industrial stage truss rigging.

Trussing is simply an invaluable tool for quickly creating a defined display area which is strong enough to support heavy equipment, and for providing secure mounting for curtains and advertising banners.

Often hidden away behind screens and drapes, truss is the backbone of theatre and television production due to its flexibility and its ability to be altered quickly on the spot.

Truss Structure

Lighting truss is found everywhere in our daily lives from fashion catwalks, car showrooms, exhibitions, live events, nightclubs, sporting events and just about every rock and pop stage show ever put on.

Standard and custom truss joining pieces, corner systems and intersections allow structures to be completely catered to fit your exact needs, be it an elaborate design or one that has to fit into a designated space.

Stage Truss Design

We can advise you through the different grades and ratings of truss available and the suitability of its usage for whatever your requirement may be.From a lightweight shop system to heavy duty industrial lighting truss rigging that needs to be capable of supporting hundreds of kilograms worth of lighting and line array sound system.

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