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Low Fog Machines

Low fog machines, or ice foggers as they are also known are specially designed to create the ground hugging smoke effect thats desirable for photoshoots, weddings and dancefloors.

Lower cost units aimed at the mobile Dj market work on the principle of a smoke machine with ice box attached. The smoke fluid is warmed during the vaporising process as usual, which is what makes it rise into the air when released.

The trick of these machines is then to push that smoke over a container of ice on its way out. This cools the smoke and adds moisture to it, which means it exits the machine at lower than room temperature, making it sit below the warmer air and stay at ground level.

The latest low fog machines designed for professional stage users are based around a different principle completely, removing the need for and coolant such as ice, or the Co2 used in theatre systems.

These fog systems utilise a series of ultrasonic agitation devices which vibrate so fast they create a light mist from the onboard liquid, which is a mixture of water and standard smoke fluid.

This exciting new technology is extremely effective, and significantly lowers the operating costs associated with professional low smoke and dry ice systems.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is still used in many professional stage applications for its density and dispersion characteristics, though smoke liquid based systems are really catching up now.

Specialist dry ice machines from companies such as Le Maitre have made the use of dry ice much more accessible to smaller production companies and events, and their systems are as user friendly as can be with this type of medium.

Dry ice major downsides is shelf life, storage. After being produced it will only last from 18-24 hours stored in a cooler, so must be ordered fresh when required

Its expensive stuff too at around £40 for a 10kg block, and that will only provide you around 5 minutes of effect from the average machine.

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