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Portable Stage Systems

Specialists in portable stage systems, mobile stage platforms and modular stages. All our stage platforms are TUV and DIN safety tested in accordance with world standards for performance equipment.

Manufactured from high quality aluminium frames with sturdy, anti-slip plywood tops, these stage decks are ideal for a wide variety of tasks.

Professional portable stage systems and tiered stage seating packages offer the perfect solution for churches, councils, fitness/dance studios and the live music circuit

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Modular Stage 

Stage Concepts are happy to supply anything from a one off single stage deck to a large arena sized modular stage.

A complete range of of accessories are available, with all the required fixtures, fittings and extras required to build even the largest stage system. For example, our safety handrails and stage step units are popular additions to our standard stage packages.

Our product specialists will guide you through the ordering process to ensure you purchase the exact portable stage system you require. Therefore ensuring it will be suitable for the intended use.

Stage Concepts are not just another shop. Above all, the aim of Stage Concepts is to provide an old fashion service based on product knowledge and a proper customer experience. This is something we feel is often lacking in this day and age of emails on online purchasing.

Here at Stage Concepts, we select only durable and high-quality modular stage platforms. As a result, we guarantee value for money and assure you that we will provide the right solution for your project.

Portable Stage Systems Specification

All of our stage decks are fully CE marked and TUV safety rated to guarantee their performance. As a result they have the capability to withstand the rigours of heavy daily use.

The stage decks have immense structural rigidity and low flex. They feature a huge 750kg/m² loading capacity which is purposely over engineered not to overstress when under normal usage.

The use of extruded aluminium provides light weight and durability. It is far easier to manufacture than the traditional ladder type frames which require lots of welding and additional pieces. The modern extrusion process allows jointless lengths with exterior slot mounting rails for clamps and accessories. Therefore providing a sleek and modern product.

Durability is provided by industrial textured finishes. In addition the textured finish creates a non- slip surface. Above all, the textured Modular Stage floor will provide endurance and safe use even under the toughest of conditions.

The boards themselves are generally 12mm for light duty stage and 18mm on heavier duty platforms. They are made from moisture resistant birch ply for maximum strength. Their multi-piece laminate construction provides resilience to bowing and twisting that normally occurs in large sheets of wood.

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Portable Stage Deck Options

We offer a wide selection of extras to compliment our stage deck platforms. This includes safety handrails, chair leg backstops, set length and adjustable legs, both round and square tubular design.

Leveling feet and rubber inserts for floor protection, or a range of locking castors for ease of mobility.

Storage and transport trolleys for multi deck use are perfect to easily store the decks away when not required. This makes moving several decks at once a simple task.

Custom Stage System Extras

As previously mentioned, frames and legs can be custom ordered in anodised or powder coat finishes. Options including factory ordered real wood veneers can be applied to the standard stocked stage deck surfaces. Also coloured, patterned vinyl, acrylic and steel grid finishes are available.

Fabric skirtings and valances are available in a selection of colours and sizes. With options for both single decks and large stages. Velcro strips can be used for quick and easy attachment of the stage skirts. Likewise you can use mechanical clamps with the slot rail system.

Mechanical fixtures and fittings for deck to deck clamping to lock frames together for rigidity are available. Also clamps for attaching railings, trussing uprights, and dual or quad section leg clamps for stability. These fixtures help with load spreading and reduce movement.

Stage Systems as Workstations and Furniture

The robust construction and load bearing of a stage deck also lends itself to other not so obvious uses. Even the standard duty 2m x 1m platform has a rating of 750kg/m. Subsequently this is more than enough for an engine or gearbox workstation in a garage.  Likewise a sewing station or for a rock solid base for a computer setup. They can be especially suitable for designers using graphics tablets who need a larger stable workspace

Ply tops can be custom laminated with pretty much any design or material you may want. Therefore opening up huge scope for interior design and architectural usage. The aluminium frames and legs can be anodised or powder coated in a huge range of finishes and colours.

This allows these ultra durable systems to be used as professional home or office furniture. 

The quick leg removal allows for endless uses and easily stored when not required.

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