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Portable Stage Systems

Stage Concepts are the UK specialists in high-performance stage systems, mobile stage platforms and modular stages. All of our stage decks are TUV and DIN safety tested for complete assurance of safety and durability.

Manufactured from the highest quality T6 aluminium extruded frames with sturdy, anti-slip plywood tops, these stage decks are ideal for a wide variety of tasks and are designed for the rigorous use that makes them an ideal choice for both end users and for rental purposes.

Whether you’re a church, council, fitness/dance studio, or part of the vibrant live music circuit, our professional portable stage systems and tiered stage seating packages provide the perfect solution. They are tailored to enhance your events, performances, and presentations.

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Alustage SCA11 Portable Stage Systems 2m x 1m Platform
Alustage SCA11 stage deck underside showing leg clamp system

Modular Stage

Stage Concepts can supply anything from a one-off stage deck to a large arena-sized modular stage system. We offer a comprehensive range of pre-selected packages in both our lightweight staging and heavy-duty staging types, which cover most size and height requirements, while of course supplying custom-sized systems to suit more specific situations.

A complete range of accessories are available for both types of our modular staging systems, with all the required fixtures, fittings and extras required to build even the largest stage system. For example, our selection of safety handrails, stage step units and adjustable stair systems are popular additions to our standard stage packages.

Our product specialists will guide you through the ordering process to ensure you purchase the exact portable stage system you require. Therefore ensuring it will be suitable for the intended use.

Alustage SCA05 Spider Portable Stage
Alustage SM08 Fixed Stage Steps

Stage Concepts aim is to provide an old-fashioned service based on industry and product knowledge, to provide a proper customer experience. This is something we feel is often lacking in this day and age of emails and online purchasing.

We offer only the most durable and high-quality modular stage platforms, preferring to supply products based on their durability and longevity that will serve you well for years to come. As a result, we guarantee value for money and assure you that we will provide the right solution for your project.

Portable Stage Specification

All of our stage decks proudly carry the CE mark and are TUV safety rated, guaranteeing their outstanding performance. These certifications provide you with the peace of mind that our stage decks are built to withstand the demanding requirements of heavy daily use.

Both our lightweight and heavy-duty stage decks have immense structural rigidity and low deflection. They feature a huge 750kg/m² loading capacity and are purposely over-engineered to take the stresses of daily use in their stride.

Portable Stage System
Portable Stage Specification

The use of an extruded aluminium framework provides lightness and durability. It is far easier to manufacture than the traditional ladder-type frames which require lots of welding and additional pieces. The modern extrusion process allows jointless lengths to be manufactured with exterior slot mounting rails for clamps and accessories. Therefore providing a sleek and modern product which can take the wear and tear required of professional performance equipment.

Aluminium Stage Specs

The stage deck top surfaces are made from high-quality birch plywood and finished with an ultra-tough urea resin black laminate top, which features the ‘hexa’ design embossed texture pattern for superb anti-slip functionality in all weathers.

The boards themselves are generally 12mm for light duty stage and 18mm on heavier duty platforms. Their multi-piece laminate construction provides resilience to bowing and twisting that normally occurs in large sheets of wood, and larger 2m x 1m stage decks also include a central aluminium support strut underneath to minimise surface flex even under the heaviest of use.

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Portable Stage Deck Options

We offer a wide selection of extras to compliment our stage deck platforms. This includes safety handrails, chair leg backstops, set length and adjustable height legs, round and square leg designs, and a full range of spare parts such as clamps and connectors. This allows you to build the system you want at your own pace and budget allowance, expanding as you go to suit different needs.

Storage and transport trolleys are available for easy moving of multiple stage platforms, and are perfect to easily store the decks away when not required. We also have fire-retardent stage skirts in pleated and plain finish molten which smarten up the look of any stage system by hiding the legs and underside from view, which also gives you the added benefit of using that space as storage.

Custom Stage System Extras

In addition to the standard stocked stage deck surfaces, you have the option to apply factory-ordered real wood veneers, adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty. Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of finishes such as coloured, patterned vinyl, acrylic, and steel grid, providing versatility and visual appeal to your stage.

To enhance the overall look and presentation of your stage, we offer fabric skirtings and valances in various colours and sizes. These skirtings can be easily attached using Velcro strips, providing a quick and convenient way to dress up the stage. Additionally, our slot rail system allows for mechanical clamps to be used in attaching stage skirts.

For maximum structural integrity and rigidity, we offer mechanical fixtures and fittings for deck-to-deck clamping. These fixtures are designed to lock frames together, reducing movement and ensuring stability.

These fixtures, fittings, and customisation options allow you to create a stage setup that perfectly suits your needs, providing a professional and visually appealing stage experience.

Stage Systems as Workstations and Furniture

The versatility of our stage decks extends beyond traditional stage applications. Due to their robust construction and impressive load-bearing capacity, even our standard duty 2m x 1m platform, with a rating of 750 kg/m, can be repurposed for various other uses.

For example, these platforms can serve as sturdy workstations for engine or gearbox repairs in garages. They offer a stable base for sewing stations or provide a rock-solid foundation for computer setups. They are particularly suitable for designers utilising graphics tablets, as they offer a larger, stable workspace.

Stage decks with square legs used as home office desk
2m x 1m stage deck used as an office desk

The plywood tops of our stage decks can be custom laminated with a wide range of designs and materials, providing endless possibilities for interior design and architectural applications. The aluminium frames and legs can be anodised or powder coated in a vast array of finishes and colours, allowing these ultra-durable systems to be used as professional home or office furniture.

One of the advantages of our stage decks is the ability to quickly remove the legs, which opens up a world of possibilities and ensures easy storage when not in use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A portable stage system is a versatile stage that can be quickly and easily built and disassembled. It is perfect for mobile use, can be easily transported, and stores flat for convenience.

Our portable stage decks are made with a high-quality aluminium frame and sturdy anti-slip plywood tops, making them perfect for a range of functions. They are ideal for live music, schools, churches, business conferences and fitness studios.

Stage systems are used widely and are ideal for a variety of events. They can be assembled quickly and can make a range of shape and size stages to suit any occasion.

As a result, they are perfect for concerts, live music, performances, drama productions, conferences and fashion catwalks. They can easily turn any location into a venue.

A portable stage system is made up of a number of stage decks, which are quick and simple to assemble. Each stage deck connects to a riser of the desired height, and locking clamps are then used to fasten the stage decks together to make the desired shape and size.

Extras such as steps, stair rails, and stage railings can then be easily fastened.

We offer a selection of pre-packaged high-quality portable stage systems in various sizes and shapes. These packages contain everything needed for easy assembly, and some include extras such as steps and railings.

You can also purchase stage platforms individually to create your own custom stage, and we offer stage legs in various heights. Additionally we can provide custom platform finishes, including; vinyl, acrylic and steel grid. Please speak to a member of our team about our custom options.

The size portable stage system that you need will depend on your desired usage and the size of the setting. We can provide anything from a one off single stage deck to a large arena sized modular stage.

Our modular stage design means that you will be able to easily adjust the size and shape of your stage to suit different events. The standard sizes of each individual deck are 1×1, and 2x1m, but we also offer 1m x 0.5m and 2m x 0.5m.

The accessories you will need with your portable stage system will depend on your usage purposes. Popular accessories include; safety handrails, step units, stage skirts, levelling feet and rubber inserts for floor protection.

We also provide stage platform trolleys to make transport easier. Please get in touch with our team at Stage Concepts to discuss what extras would suit your requirements.

The cost of a modular design stage system will vary depending on the size and height of the stage required. It will also increase if extras are required, such as railings and steps. The platform finish selected additionally affects the price, with custom finishes such as metal grids costing more than the standard anti-slip finish.

For more information on the cost of a system that meets your specific needs, please get in touch with our Stage Concepts team.

Yes, our stage decks are weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Our systems are made up of stage decks with a durable aluminium structure that is suitable for temporary outdoor use.

The stage decks also have a water-proof anti-slip finish, preventing slippery conditions in adverse weather. However, stage platforms should not be left outdoors permanently as the plywood will eventually become damaged from absorbing too much moisture.

Our portable stage systems feature a strong aluminium framework, ensuring they can take an impressive weight load. The exact weight a portable stage system can support varies depending on the type of stage decks used.

Both the lightweight stage decks and the heavy-duty stage platforms feature a 750kg/m² loading capacity.

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