8x BeamZ BC50B-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp – 100kg


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Looking to elevate your lighting game? Look no further than the BeamZ BC50B-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp kit. This kit comes with eight high-quality clamps, each capable of holding up to 100kg, making it the perfect addition to any professional or personal lighting setup. With quick-release features and a foldable design, setting up and breaking down your lighting rig has never been easier.

The BeamZ BC50B-50F clamps are built to last, with durability and longevity in mind. Made with high-quality materials, they provide maximum security and stability to ensure your lights stay in place. These clamps are compatible with the majority of truss systems, allowing you to customise your lighting setup to fit your unique event needs. Whether you’re a DJ, band, or event planner, these clamps provide the reliability and sturdiness you need.

Featuring an adjustable design, these clamps can fit truss tubes or poles between 48 and 51mm in diameter, ensuring a secure hold for your lighting fixtures. Even during high-energy performances, you won’t have to worry about your fixtures slipping or falling, giving you the peace of mind to focus on creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your audience.

Not only are these clamps stable and durable, but they’re also incredibly easy to use. With their quick-release design, you can set up your lighting rig quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you have plenty of time to perfect your event’s lighting. They’re perfect for concerts, festivals, and other events where time is of the essence.

Investing in the BeamZ BC50B-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp kit is a no-brainer. These clamps provide the durability, stability, and ease of use you need to create the perfect lighting setup for your event. Don’t wait – get your kit today and take your lighting game to the next level!

Package Includes

  • 8x BeamZ BC50B-50F Lighting Clamps

Key Details

  • Set of eight black lighting clamps that are used for hanging lighting fixtures on trussing during events
  • Quick-release function for rapid set-up and tear-down of your equipment between events
  • Folding design saves space in storage and transport, especially when fixed to lights in flight cases
  • Durable aluminium build with a 100kg weight capacity per clamp for suspending heavy lighting units
  • Suitable for truss tubes between 48 – 51mm in diameter, making the clamps versatile for different systems


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8x BeamZ BC50B-50F Foldable Quick Release Lighting Clamp – 100kg

In Stock

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